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Antifa member tries to attack citizen. But that turned out differently ...

The tactics of demonstrators affiliated with Antifa and the Climate Change Movement to block roads has become a trend under Antifa's rig.

They block the road or stand in front of your car. They smash your car and try to attack you and beat you up. Young or old. As long as you are white and therefore a racist and a fascist.

In this video you see how an Antifa member stops a car and then attacks the driver with a weapon. But that went a little differently than planned ...

The man in the car did not shy away from this dangerous fool and got out of his car to give him a cookie of his own. Rightly so. Seeing violence is never fun, but many people will secretly enjoy this kind of images.

Citizens are sick and tired of being bothered by this unemployed left-wing harness for no reason while they go to work because they have a family to support.

And this in the name of the fight against fascism and standing up for the climate. Madness.

In the Netherlands too, you are increasingly seeing that citizens are going to play their own courts. A consequence of the powerlessness of our government that can no longer offer the citizen security and protection.

The article below is not about Antifa but about the Moroccan problem in Heemskerk and Beverwijk. The police no longer have a grip on it and so the residents themselves take action.

Read this article where citizens from Heemstede and Beverwijk are forced to set up and patrol their own fighters in order to protect the neighborhood against nuisance aggressive and dangerous Moroccan youth. Here referred to as “The Pilotengroep”.

Police Can't Protect Us - We're setting up our own goons








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