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Antifa supported by trade unions, politicians and… the church!

Last Friday images were released / leaked by the German police with recordings of the fighting between Antifa and the police.

The images seem to date from December 2015 but have only been posted online since Friday and went viral. Whether they actually come from 2015 or whether these images were recorded last Friday is still not entirely clear. Most likely the first.

The extreme left is one of the biggest threats in 2019 worldwide. 

View these terrible images from our neighboring country. This is terror. Antifa is a terrorist organization, but will never be regarded as such by politics.

The media will never broadcast riots from Antifa. They are the most horrific fights and protests you can imagine, but they consciously do not pay attention to them.

Why not?

Antifa is supported in Germany by, among others, the trade unions Verdi (source), IG Metall (source), the church(!) (source) and the political parties Die Linke (source), SPD (source), and Die Grühnen (source) en (source) 

Antifa is incredibly well organized and operates worldwide, with apparently the top layer "Neat correct people" and politicians.

When you know the history of Antifa, everything suddenly becomes very clear to you. We live in a false world. A sham democracy. Everything is interconnected for the globalist dream. (source)

De White collars, like politicians and leftist institutions, they do it subtly and use their power and people in the media and within their organization to get the willing followers and organizations into action.

In the meantime, the same media consciously present a different view of the world to the population, so that people start turning against little or no existing problems, as a distraction. Extreme right, for example. Or so-called racism.

Call it Deep State or call it how you want it. Donald Trump also prefers not to use the term Deep State but means exactly the same thing. Trump is the greatest example and living proof of how thoroughly the current elites, who are pursuing their globalist dreams, are bad. No limits!

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