Apartheid under Sigrid Kaag

Apartheid under Sigrid Kaag's regime

The chance that Sigrid Kaag will play an important or even leading role in politics is quite high. She has the right connections with the most influential agencies. Her resume is filled with all kinds of clubs that are affiliated with the New World Order.

She also knows very well who is an important patron: George Soros, the immigration king.



Sigrid Kaag is also quite clear about what to expect when she comes to power. She thinks Israel is an excellent example and would like to adopt this vaccination policy in the Netherlands. According to Kaag, apartheid is an excellent method to enforce solidarity.

D66 - Congress speech Sigrid Kaag - It is time for new leadership - YouTube

Minute 4.

What she does not tell is how things really work in Israel. In Israel it is now so bad that people have to wear an ankle bracelet after the holidays. Unvaccinated people are not allowed to go shopping. Children who have not been vaccinated are not allowed to take exams. Theater and cinema remain inaccessible for the unvaccinated.

In Israel, people are crying in vain for help, but the mainstream media is silent.


Simone on Twitter: “1/2 Ghastly the situation in Israel at the moment. 😳 Anklets when you come back from a trip 😳 No access to shopping centers etc without vaccination 😳 Kids no exam without vaccination https://t.co/Klz064EYHZ ”/ Twitter

This means that if Kaag comes to power and her policy is introduced in the Netherlands, we will be faced with a situation that apartheid in South Africa can still take a little bit of.

All of this is then imposed on you in order to get you to take an mRNA injection, the so-called rescue from the crisis.

This injection has an efficacy of 95% according to the headlines. In reality, in this study of a group of 22.000 vaccinees, only 90 people were found to get less corona than a control group of 22.000 people. No one died from corona in both groups, so it is still unknown whether the vaccine will save any life at all.

However, if we look at the risks and side effects of the injection in Israel, we see the following: It appears that 40 times more people have died in Israel since the introduction of the vaccine.


In short: if Kaag and her alliance are in office, you will have the choice between 2 evils. The choice between a life-threatening vaccine, the effect of which has yet to be proven, or exclusion from society.


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