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Apocalyptic locust plague in Africa

The whole world fears the Chinese corona virus or a WWII in January.

Africa, however, is struck with plagues that are beginning to take on Biblical proportions.

The continent is currently being eaten by hundreds of millions of locusts. Swarms as big as a city eat everything that is loose and stuck in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia. (source)

There is a threat of starvation for many, according to the United Nations. A swarm eats about in one day 35.000 people to food.


They proceeded to the last emergency: spraying the crops with pesticides. This poisons the harvest.

So the little food that might be left over will actually no longer be edible.

The insects poop everywhere.
The population must stay inside.

The locusts travel 130 kilometers a day. Thousands of fields have already been eaten.

A plane had to return to the airport for fear that the swarms of insects would affect the engines.

The breeding season for these animals starts in the month of March.

A catastrophe is feared.

Nets, laser beams and flame throwers are mentioned as possible mass-grasshopper destruction weapons.

Deadly locusts plague Africa. Call for international assistance

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