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Are Russian politicians so smart, or are the EU's so stupid?

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Quite frankly, I get the idea that the Russian Federation has caught up enormously with the so-called free West, of course we have not known a real democracy in the Netherlands, but a monarchy that embraced certain democratic concepts, but since it was determined in a devious way , that we should become part of an EU, we have gradually slipped into a kind of intermediate form, which you could best call a demo-dictatorship.

A demo-dictatorship is a transitional phase of a country that first had democratic principles, but where mismanagement, by a completely dysfunctional government, has set the stage for something that is starting to look more and more like a real dictatorship.
In a dictatorship, the political leaders in no way listen to what the population wants, they completely give a shit about their subjects, because they know what is good for the population, they also do not give the population the space to express themselves and throw all advice in the wind!

I mentioned earlier that our EU has started to resemble the former Soviet Union more and more, there is no real thinking in Brussels and that is also reflected in Dutch politics, that is how VVD and CDA want to be our pillars, which once made the Netherlands great have become demolished, they want the farmers and arable farmers gone, the return of the EU granary, so even more cities which will of course also be filled with economic refugees and the disappearance of our own self-sufficiency.

But why am I such a huge opponent of this, let me explain that here in great detail!
The Netherlands has traditionally been a country that has developed enormously through innovation in many areas and has grown into a first-class knowledge country. We have been very progressive in the field of crop breeding, animal husbandry and fishing.
In terms of production and efficiency, there is no country that has been able to match our knowledge to date and the VVD and CDA want to throw that overboard.

Then I would like to take a closer look at Russian agriculture and livestock farming, the collective farms were not that great at all, by using whole areas for mass production they became extremely sensitive to pests and weather conditions, which caused crop failures and which caused famines, I I am of course not in favor of mega-stables, which our politics has been aiming for for a while, just think of bird flu (poultry), swine fever (pigs) and Q Fever in (goats) all caused by foolish interference by our government.

But the globalist madness goes much further, take for example the gender madness, our passports are no longer allowed to indicate whether it is a man or woman, when we go to the toilet in public places, the images are replaced for ladies and men's toilets and We don't have any say in anything anymore, it's just all decided for us and then people find it strange that this is increasingly encountering resistance, hence the murderous censorship!

The Brussels fair of globalists keep pointing at what is happening in the Russian Federation in the most negative sense of the word, but the Russians were allowed to express themselves through a referendum on, for example, same-sex marriage, which was rejected by a large majority, Also in the Russian Federation people do not know the problems in the field of pedophilia, as we know them in the Netherlands, not that I am a gay hater, but what is going on in the field of LGTB, which has been rampantly expanded in LGBTQIAP, is no longer good at all.

Prime Minister Rutte was already washed his ears by Prime Minister Putin during a state visit, it is also crazy that minority groups have become so dominant here and that even Dutch families have already had to flee to Poland, because our government is under the pedophile sphere of influence. has fallen, we can safely say that the Netherlands has become a very sick country as an EU province and the joke is that the people of the Russian Federation can speak out, but we in this so-called free West do not even have a referendum!

Let me start by saying that until about twenty years ago I was quite satisfied in the Netherlands, but that we should never have become an EU member, that boundless gang has certainly not made it any better for us, so I am happy a strong proponent of turning his back on this monstrosity and becoming a sovereign country again, preferably also a republic, because the role that the van Oranjes now fulfill are of no significance to the Dutch population anymore and They don't have blue blood anymore!

We are always told that we still live in a democracy, but a democracy has its fundamental rights and when people take to the streets for their freedom, even peace demonstrations were met with violence, more and more freedoms are taken away from us and the politics, which have made a huge mess of things over the last twenty years, are not prepared to take a different course, they do not want to change, they no longer want to be representatives of the people, as far as I am concerned most of them deserve to be least pitch with feathers!

I gradually get the idea that the Russian Federation has its affairs in order better than that backward EU, which was also visible in Syria, only when the Russians legally intervened in the fight against IS did a tipping point come and IS became defeated, the EU was stupid enough to meddle with the US in Afghanistan after the Soviet Union had already retreated there before, it kind of indicates the stupidity where superpowers like the US, EU and the former Soviet Union are so the Russian Federation does that much better too!

So, not corona as a central starting point here, that seemed refreshing to me, we can safely say that the EU has become more and more a monstrosity, has started to resemble the Soviet Union more and more, which collapsed, it would be a blessing for the Netherlands, if we were to delve into a Nexit again, or the dissolution of the EU in its current form, because all those people do not go out on the streets for nothing, a number of things are very good wrong and that needs to change!

Chris Collard.

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