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Are we at the mercy of psychopaths?

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Take a look at the gas damage in Groningen, the unsavory allowances affair and all corona measures.

Are we at the mercy of psychopaths?

Take a look at the gas damage in Groningen, the unsavory allowances affair and all corona measures.

We are allowed to color a circle red once every 4 years. We have agreed and have told each other time and again that this is our ultimate democratic moment. After all, we have voted for the only true party, and within that for the only right who is there for us. Who makes the sacred fire blaze out of his/her slippers. So for us! Day and night, when the tide is out and even more so. Who for 4 years has been pouring the stinking sweat up his buttocks to realize the very best for us, the citizens. The very best is not enough for these passionate elect! Of course, the party interests are carelessly set aside. They don't give a damn about the party regents and rules. And of course self-interest is completely alien to them.

No, everything for the people. A promise is a promise, a deal is a deal, a man a man, a word a word. It is not for nothing that you have been selected by at least 66.600 voters because of a promising election program. Or, also not a bad thing, you hitch a ride if you only get 666 preferential votes, but are right behind the leader on the electoral list, who has achieved a multiple of the electoral threshold of more than 60.000. Or is something wrong here? Well, you can say that, not a little, but a lot!

How dare those guests look in every mirror they pass every day. Perhaps very sneaky self-righteous, almost criminal. Or would they really not realize that they are bugging the citizens several times a day? Do they themselves believe in the sickening self-overestimation that is more a combination of narcissism, autism and selfishness, than that they even come close to anything that resembles a sincere, inspired and empathetic representative of any (group) citizen(s) then? Well, almost all of them are highly educated. But despite all this, the sleeping herd tunes in every 4 years for those confident-acting slickers.

It is quite possible to live with narcissists, autists and egoists in a modified way. But if those guys who are already burdened with those three 'limitations' are also unscrupulous, then we speak of psychopaths with three side effects. Look at Groningen, the allowance affair and the fully conscious corona policy based on faulty PCR tests. Also look at a majority of 75+, who are willing to put aside party positions without embarrassment for power, but also at 100+ MPs who do not want a Constitutional Court and art. 120 keep going. Look at the chaos at the UWV, the soap around Demmink and the dismissal of testimonies about children's graves in Bodegraven. But also look at the mistakes in Limburg before and after the floods, the constitutional violations and the oath they take in the name of a head of state with the competence of a glass of beer beaten to death. Coincidentally first born on Drakesteyn, later married to a dragon of a woman with a beautiful fake smile and a pathetic insincere tear.

We can safely say that you can go far with a nice face, a nice ass full of smelly feathers and a smooth, meaningless chat. Ten percent empathy (for one's own gain) is enough, in addition to unconditional loyalty to the party. Even if you and some fellow delinquents are allowed to participate in a coalition agreement that can be put together in back rooms, in which it is neatly described that all parties that participate, surrender the majority of the election promises without batting an eyelid, in order to upgrade a minority position to a majority position.

Every politician (I deliberately avoid the term MP) who participates in this has no conscience. So is unscrupulous or rather a psychopath. Yes, it says something very nicely about a pernicious person who, on behalf of the party, knows so horribly well what is good for the mob, for all those suckers who have colored a circle red. That makes career politicians not just simple psychopaths, but arrogant unscrupulous.

And that continuously dares to join in a weighty manner at their very well-disposed talk shows, where not a single critical question is asked. Where those guests are spoken to. They have also sold a lot of interests indiscriminately to the gangsters in Brussels (they are even worse there than the national heikneuters in The Hague), without even once asking the voters' approval. No, they are psychopathic criminals, as far as democratic norms and values ​​are concerned.

And if nothing happens, we will vote like flattened lambs at the next election, against our better judgement, hopeful for the next psychopaths.
Unless the light is finally seen and the penny falls just right. Because it has to be different, it can be different. Take a look at The 1st Democratic People's Movement and realize that the political sun can indeed shine benevolently. Down with the career politicians, down with the psychopaths. Towards a democratic society. It's really possible!

Rients Hofstra



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