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Are you that scared too?

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Are you that scared too?

For the past few days I have been investigating how it can happen that almost everyone has gone mad with fear and continues to do so.

The experience of fear resides in a certain part of the brain and if that fear is activated to a violent degree, the part of the brain where reason and sober thinking takes place switches itself off. That's a survival mechanism. When you meet a lion, the fear will only make you run away, without first thinking about whether the lion will be hungry or not, whether the lion wants to worry or whether he would rather take a nap in the shade does.

Something similar has happened at the beginning of this panic epidemic.
But after that? We were soon able to conclude that we were relatively safe and could start using our ratio again. Why did we stay in fear after that first fear wave and, despite all the research and evidence, continue to believe in the fearful stories of the first moment?

I was reminded of the fairy tale emperor without clothes. Something like this is happening in real life now. This is called group pressure and groupthink.
A path has been taken that soon turned out not to be the right one.
But because 'they' have continued to proclaim the 'great danger' and because the great danger is repeated over and over ...
And that it is mainly argued that the government measures lead to the right path and solution ...
And because (almost) everyone says and follows it, surely it must be true…?

Even (most) people who have doubts will continue to follow because they are insecure about their doubts or are afraid of being made fun of and not accepted by the rest.
Very interesting from a psychological perspective, but in reality peer pressure and groupthink is a very dangerous phenomenon,.
Polish-American psychologist Dr. Solomon Asch conducted experiments on peer pressure (1). In one of his experiments, he performed a series of tests with eight test subjects each. However, seven of these subjects were employees of Asch. Only one person was a real test subject. The assignment was this:
“Take a good look at the figure below. Which of the lines A, B and C has the same length as line 1? ”
The seven employees all answered immediately and without a doubt: 'line B'.


The eighth participant, the only real test subject, gave mostly the same answer as his 7 predecessors who were involved in the plot. Of all the groups with which this test was conducted, only a quarter of the real subjects gave the clearly correct answer.

After the experiment, some test subjects said that they did know the correct answer but were afraid to argue with the group. Others even said that under pressure from the group, they doubted their own judgment and eventually took the absurd group judgment as true.
It strongly appears that something similar is going on in this corona hoax. I estimate that about 80% of the population blindly follows the propaganda of the government and the mainstream media or simply does not dare to deviate from the opinion of the rest.

People want to stay part of 'the group'. Whether that is a circle of friends, a sports club, company or entire society. If you have a different opinion, you will be expelled from 'the group' without mercy. Censored, ridiculed and who knows what's to come.

The strange thing is that the critical thinkers, who mainly do thorough research, are dismissed as madmen, conspiracy thinkers and disseminators of fake news. While it is precisely the mass of groupthinkers who in the shared group story are completely immune to criticism and continue to confirm to themselves again and again how beautiful the clothes of the naked emperor are.

Jozef Goebbels and Adolf Hitler may well have been sources of inspiration for the current regimes: Point out a common enemy and keep repeating, repeating, repeating, repeating, repeating the message. The media automatically participates! And if everyone says it, then it must be true, right? In reality, the masses do not dare to think that what is being proclaimed may not be true, for fear of social isolation. People even actively participate in the further dissemination of the group idea without any reflection. The general opinion applies. The few who have a different opinion are considered a danger. Ignore or, even better, censor.

Why the mainstream media participate in this I had already explained in my column 'Collateral Damage ' (2). But why do companies like Alphabet Inc. (YouTube, Google) and Microsoft (LinkedIn) cooperate in the censoring of the researches and publications of (other) minds?

Remember that Alphabet has been fined billions in the past by the European Union and that legislation is in the works to impose billions in taxes on this company in the near future. Well, then the trade-off between good friends with the EU legislators or a few more or less 'views' on YouTube is quickly made.

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Chao CommonSenseTV, chao Café Weltschmertz, chao Lange French.

And why Microsoft is participating in this… Just look up a few things about Bill Gates, then I don't have to explain it further.

The simple experiment of Dr. Solomon Asch merely demonstrated an interesting psychological phenomenon without causing any real harm. But the experiment they are now unleashing on us is destroying our entire society. In groupthink there is no room for reflection on the loss of freedom, the loss of prosperity and the enormous damage that the measures of the government do to the well-being and health of all people. I think this will not pass without profound consequences. In a social, medical and financial sense.

This year we are heading towards 400 billion national debt in the Netherlands, which is above 60% of the Gross National Product (GDP). This was 49% last year
Europe as a whole is already well above 100% of GDP. We will not talk at all about the government debts of Belgium, France, Spain and Italy ...
Even the people who are currently not directly affected by the absurd measures do not yet realize that they too will become victims. Even if we could go back to normal at some point ...

Because it has to be repaid once. And with declining revenues and increasing expenditures, that will leave deep marks. Even now borrowing money is free.
The ECB's balance sheet has already been inflated to more than 6.000 billion, more than half of Europe's GDP.
And that is not a debt, that is much worse, that is just printed money.

The ECB is not allowed to finance governments, but of course it does so indirectly by buying up government debt.
In doing so, they lower interest rates. Interest rates are now negative in almost all countries in Europe (even Italy) (!).
The debt situation was already worrisome for corona, but with this policy, a financial crisis will arise during the corona hoax or in the post-corona era that is unparalleled.

It is simply unbelievable what is happening now. The people who should actually represent our interests, the people that you and I (well, not me, I haven't been in this nonsense for years), who are paid by us to look after our country and our well-being Those are the people who are now destroying our country.

When you went to vote, you made a choice based on the talk they gave us at the time. And actually you already knew then that they were empty talk. But if they said they were going to ruin the whole country and the economy and welfare of everyone, would you have voted for such a party or person?

A few years ago, an ex-minister once said that if we democratically decided to abolish democracy, we would have to accept that decision.
PH Dommer, the man's name was, I believe. 'You can't be more stupid than that', I thought then. But now democracy is being abolished, without a democratic decision. Or are you known in that, have you been asked something?

Would you like to give power to a single person? Would you vote for someone who declares to be the sole ruler? Probably not, because you and I know that in the history of mankind there are plenty of examples that such a thing predominantly leads to the destruction of society and the self-enrichment of the ruler. But don't you think a group of rulers can do the same? A group of rulers can behave just as badly as a single ruler. There are also plenty of examples of this. Is that what is happening in the Netherlands (and in many other countries) now?

The facts remain the facts. The regime that is being conducted has nothing to do with the facts.

In a previous column ('Collateral Damage' (2)) I had written that there is little or no excess mortality this year. However, the media reported that there was a significant excess mortality in week 43. Further analysis also shows this to be fake news. Among the over-80s, there appears to be a slight excess mortality compared to week 43 of 2019. However, compared to the weighted averages of the years before, there appears to be no excess mortality at all, but it appears that there was evidence of excess mortality in week 43 of last year of under-mortality in the over-80s.

And how often it remains to be observed and explained that hardly any people die from Covid-19 disease alone. Most deaths are caused by other causes but are classified as corona deaths due to 'instructions from above' and / or economic interests. Yes dear readers, not only in the US, but also in the Netherlands and Belgium premiums are paid by the governments for 'corona patients' and / or 'corona deaths'.

In addition, it is also concealed that many people in the hospitals died in the beginning due to the fans in the IC units, which unfortunately did more harm than good. In the early days of the corona hoax, Philips, among others, significantly boosted the production of fans, due to an expected increase in demand. But they have been left with huge stocks and cancellations.

Did you know that many people worldwide die every year as a result of medical errors and incorrect medication? Even this year, more people died in the US and the Netherlands than from / with Covid-19! But such deaths are predominantly written under the heading 'other' or 'natural death'.

I can now understand that the population has been so indoctrinated by 9 months of horror reports from the mainstream media.
But how can it be possible that our representatives agree not to receive any evidence with regard to the reliability of the PCR test, the foundation of the current policy of measures.

Long searched but not found: Only one scientist who has been able to explain to me that and why the PCR test can be used to diagnose Covid-19.
On the other hand, there are many scientists who can perfectly explain why a PCR test can absolutely not be used for this. I also come across studies showing that the PCR test can give up to 95% false positive results.

Wybren from Haga has asked for clarification over and over in the room, but just doesn't get it. Every time he is dismissed like a little child. And all other MPs? They just continue to sleep.

In the meantime, the RIVM has applied a few other tricks to make the PCR test even more unreliable. This has happened almost tacitly and no reason or explanation is given for this either. The result is that the number of 'infections' is growing even more.

The results of the real laboratory (blood) tests have also been concealed.
In my column 'The Big Corona Picture' (3) I showed that the number of really proven infections was very low. That was at the time when people who went to the doctor or GGD with complaints had this real test taken. But it strongly seems that politicians and the RIVM do not want the number of infections to be low. Because some time ago it was decided that from now on only a PCR test will be taken for really sick people. (The real test was still used for 'monitoring', but we are no longer allowed to know the specifications and results)

People who go to the hospital are also only tested with the cotton swab in the nose. And so it can happen that someone with a broken leg ends up in the Corona department because that person may have had a snot nose a few weeks ago.
It's all too bizarre to be true.

The real problem with healthcare isn't Corona, it's politics. The years of cutting back on health care and personnel, in combination with the organizational structure of the health system and hospitals, have led to shortages and chaos. And that is certainly not the case for the first time this year.

If all hospitals were managed centrally, then, for example, 3 or 4 hospitals, spread across the country, could only treat Corona patients. Logistically and organizationally much simpler than building a heavily sealed Corona department in every hospital, where in the one case there are sometimes only a few patients and in the other case it is sometimes not sufficient.

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But yes, logical and organizational thinking is not for our self-proclaimed dictators and self-proclaimed specialists.

They do what they want, that's the new normal for them.
Just 'cut your mouth', is the new normal for the plebs.

We are losing the fight for freedom. "They" have always had a monopoly on violence and recently they have also usurped the dictatorial monopoly on government and on truth.
Influencers, the (state) broadcasters and the mainstream media were paid to propagate government policy. About 80% of the people have completely fallen into this trap and cannot get out of it.

Any opposition will be ridiculed, censored away, banned and perhaps soon criminalized.

And when they have pushed through their full reset, the sheep will continue to follow faithfully.

Because 'they' say it and it is also said in the newspaper that it is all for your own good, dear people .........



Column - Collateral Damage


Column: The Big Corona Picture

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