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Are you still unsure whether you want to get vaccinated?

The government is engaged in an extensive campaign to encourage you to have an experimental vaccine injected.

Completely safe, extensively tested and highly effective, it is claimed.

Don't whine, just get a shot, just as tasty and healthy as a frikandel, it's a godsendHugo de Jonge says.

Doctors, immunologists, all kinds of scientists and critical citizens are dismissed as wappies, crazy people, licenses are being taken away, censorship strikes and who knows what else awaits us?

In any case, I do not simply accept what Peppie and Kokkie claim and prefer to investigate myself. I came across a video and a list of deaths, permanent disability, and life-threatening side effects from ModeRNA and Pfizer's mRNA vaccines on the Truth Inspectorate website.

I don't want to keep it from you. Please watch it, share the video, talk about it with your loved ones, your family, your friends.

Youtube Channel: Inspection Service of Truth
Website: Inspection Service of Truth

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”20210208-VAERS”]


Post-message: RIVM has, on behalf of Hugo de Jonge, contacted CommonSenseTV in response to the above. The RIVM has informed us that deaths and other serious injuries cannot be related to vaccines, but are most likely attributable to improper wearing of the muzzle, oh no, mouth mask, and not keeping enough distance.

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