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Armed forces and police insurrection against corona dictatorship: Government gets hit

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Government gets hit from all sides

Austria has been at the forefront of the media this week as they have officially transitioned to a police state. 

At least… that is the will of the government. The puppets of those who betray their country at the behest of people like klaus schwab of the WEF.

The government has split society in two. Citizens are segregated and discriminated against on the basis of whether or not they have undergone an experimental jab. The vaccinated may have retained their rights while the unvaccinated are confined to their homes.

Unsurprisingly, the lockdowns on the vaccinated have not curbed the increase in the number of cases and Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg considering now a nationwide lockdown. In this way, the population that has been vaccinated is pitted against the people who do not want these vaccines. 

But things don't seem to go quite as expected. 

Revolt armed forces and police against corona dictatorship

After FPÖ boss Herbert Kickl had called for the MEGA demo on November 20 in Vienna, has the Federal Army Union (FGÖ) has now joined a letter published on November 14. 

She wants to “show the flag” and stand up for fundamental rights and freedoms. It is expressly pointed out that ANYONE can demonstrate – even in lockdown!

Nehammer's control obligation was IMMEDIATELY rejected by Hermann Greylinger of the Police Union.



He made this clear again through an interview with Wochenblick. (source)

Soldiers and police will participate in the mega-demonstration today November 20 in Vienna.



One slap in the face after another for the noticeably more and more panicked “government”.

  • The Armed Forces Union calls for a MEGA demo on November 20 in Vienna
  • Police union reprimands Nehammer: We are not going to check for lockdowns
  • The union letter makes it clear that the demonstration cannot be banned
  • Federal Army Union expects police to be “cooperative” and there will be no escalations


The policy of the corona dictatorship seems to be completely failing in Austria and if one country finally revolts, the rest will hopefully follow soon.

Source: RT France

Panic at the government

This is a slap in the face for the government that is increasingly panicking, according to Austrian media.

The chairman of the Social Democratic Trade Unions (FSG) and the Police Union, Hermann Greylinger, once again made it clear in an interview that the police do not consider themselves able to carry out these checks, according to the weekly magazine Wochenblick.

What goes through the minds of politicians? How on earth do they think they will get through this and how can they still look themselves in the eye?



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