Army spies on alternative media and groups?

No problem. In any case, we have nothing to hide and we feel honored.

This is what the NRC reports about it:

Since the Corona outbreak, the Dutch armed forces have secretly collected information on a large scale about Dutch society and interpreted and disseminated it in reports. In addition, military personnel spent months studying the behavior of social groups such as Virus Madness and Yellow Vests and kept an eye on the medium, designated as an 'alternative'.


They also mapped the distribution points of the paper edition De Andere Krant and the fires in the 5G transmission towers.

Large amounts of data on a wide variety of subjects - from pollen to bankruptcies - ended up in a computer system built by the Ministry of Defense to automatically predict a corona wave or social unrest.

This is evident from a reconstruction of the Land Information Maneuver Center (LIMC), a unit that the defense set up in mid-March to gain insight into the corona crisis and the spread of disinformation. Defense has long wanted a center to be able to experiment with information as a weapon and used the pandemic to do so.

The special unit, LIMC, uses 'semi-closed sources' in addition to open sources

A military force that investigates its own population on its own territory is controversial, also because defense is not allowed much on Dutch territory. For example, she may assist the police, a ministry or intelligence service if they request it. Military personnel then act according to the rules and under the supervision of that authority. In this case, the LIMC acts on its own initiative.

According to military historian Christ Klep, it is “the first time that a military service is used structurally for large-scale intelligence gathering that is actually for civilian purposes.

No Style reports:

What did the LIMC do? It created 'behavioral patterns' to predict where or how demonstrations would take place. But soldiers were also used to influence social media, operated under cover names on 'online platforms of conspiracy thinkers' and made divisions of media. Internal criticism or questions were stifled: “People who are critical are sometimes replaced or quit themselves. The LIMC must continue. ” Officially the army top intervened, but the closing paragraph of the full NRC report (must read, open in incognito tab) reads:

“The Defense Summit decides that the LIMC may no longer distribute anything externally. According to sources, this is a bogus solution because those who receive the reports work closely with outside agencies and the information ends up there as well. External parties say they still receive the reports. ”

More on No Style:

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