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ASYLUM SEEKER threatens to attack CHRISTIANS

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An Afghan asylum seeker from the asylum seekers center in Houthalen-Helchteren was arrested by the police on Sunday after he threatened to carry out an attack for the SECOND time this week.

The Afghan has often caused problems in the asylum center on the Kazernelaan:

Earlier this week, he declined to wash his hands, which now needs to be done regularly at the asylum center in the fight against the coronavirus.

However, the Afghan refused because there was alcohol in the soap, and he said he should not use it during Ramadan.

The situation escalated and the Afghan began to cough and spit at the staff of the AZC.

For similar reasons, the Afghan again caused a stir in the asylum seekers center last Friday.

But this time, he also started threatening the asylum seekers' staff with death.

For example, he said that he wanted to cut Christians' throat and blow himself up to kill as many Christians as possible.

The police were notified and they took him to the police station.

Last weekend, the man was brought before the investigating judge, who decided to arrest the man. He is also suspected of sex crimes committed earlier this year.

So for asylum seekers, the asylum seeker was not arrested and the asylum seeker was still not arrested for threats. Only at the second threat of an attack was he finally arrested.


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