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Asylum seekers centers in Belgium do NOT lockdown. Social distancing NOT for migrants

That was decided after consultation between competent minister Maggie De Block, Fedasil and the Red Cross.

Some mayors had asked to allow asylum seekers' asylum seekers to go into lockdown because asylum seekers do not comply with the measures taken, but that will not happen. That reports De Standaard.

Europe is increasingly going into lockdown to prevent the spread of the corona virus. In all countries of Europe, for example, social distancing is enforced 'under penalty of', and the entire population must stay indoors or keep their distance from each other if one must necessarily go out.

But not everyone seems to want to adhere to those measures. According to several mayors, asylum seekers do not take much notice of the guidelines and do NOT comply with the stricter corona measures.

An asylum seekers' center in Koksijde previously tried a preventive lockdown to allow migrants who were gathering to apply the corona measures.

The mayors of Houthalen-Helchteren and Leopoldsburg even wanted to completely close the asylum centers in their city, due to the refusal attitude of immigrants.

That way they would have to stick to the stricter measures. But the closure was canceled.

While all Belgians are obliged to remain in their room with the Belgian government, discussions took place this week about a possible general lockdown for ALL centers for asylum seekers in Belgium.

But that lockdown is not going to happen.

Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration Maggie De Block (Open Vld) had sat down for more than two hours with Fedasil and the Red Cross, but the final conclusion is that everything remains as it was:

"The asylum centers will remain open centers and asylum seekers are allowed to come in and out according to belief, there will be no fines for gathering."

These fines only apply to white noses such as Crazy Gerritje, Jan Lul and Piet Snot.



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