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Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts: “You are on the wrong side of history!”

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DHe Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts has often spoken of freedom over the past year as a counterweight to medical tyranny.

“Those who lock people up for being healthy, arrest protesters, use pepper spray on children, beat up grannies, ban books and electronic messages, censor social media, send threatening letters, force small businesses to close, and ban safe drugs that have been around for XNUMX years. have proven are on the wrong side of history”, he said during a speech in the Australian Senate this week.

The senator pointed out that New South Wales has used the military to lock up innocent, healthy civilians in their homes.

“This can only be described as martial law. In the recent freedom marches we have seen what happens to citizens who exercise their right to demonstrate. People are demonized, persecuted and vilified in the media.”

“If the government can determine who is free and who is not, then that is not freedom and no one is free. A crisis is always used to justify measures that protect not the people but the government, a crisis that can be triggered very easily by increasing the PCR test from 24 to 42 cycles, usually leading to false positives.” said Roberts.

Every new measure leads to resistance, after which the government acts even harder. The senator said Prime Minister Morrison's government is behaving like a gambling addict who continues to gamble even when he loses, and does not give up. With soldiers on the streets, Roberts wonders where this will end.


Slap in the face to politicians: WHO advises against mass testing of asymptomatic people.

“Australians are deliberately demoralized to enforce obedience. When Corona occurred, there were few with masks, and the experts and authorities said that masks were not necessary. Now the same ineffective masks are being used to frighten and obey people. The crushing of the resistance destroys hope and without hope we have no future.” said Senator Roberts.

He also said the overall death rate, including deaths from Corona and flu, had reached an all-time low.



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