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Austria and Serbia meet: Refugee flow must stop

The Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić have recently met.

The two men came together to discuss the flow of refugees.

As Viktor Orbán has said before, according to Orbán, the future of Europe lies in Central Europe. A few days ago already arrived Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic meet at a conference. They are ready to help the Greeks to the gigantic refugee flow to stop.

Also Austria en Serbia see that the situation we had in 2015 is starting to rise again.

Chancellor Kurz: "When these people, who are normally also willing to use violence, end up in Central Europe, it will not stop at 13.000."

Kurz is referring among other things to family reunification and speaks about the same situation from 2015.

The Serbian president Vučić also indicates that his country is not a parking place for refugees.

In the meantime, Viktor Orbán has also contacted Serbia and Northern Macedonia about a cooperation. These countries should stop the refugees who still come through Greece.

Southern and Central Europe are blocking the refugees that the EU wants to bring in. For the time being it is chaos at the Greco-Turkish border and it seems that not only Greece is willing to stop these people.


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