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Austria rejects migrant quota: "It remains NO!"

Austria has confirmed that their migration policy remains unchanged and strict.

Despite the fact that some 150 (!) NGOs have tried to put pressure on Austria and Sebastian Kurz to take in migrants from the Middle East, who are now in Turkey. (source)

It takes some getting used to for Angela Merkel who nods everywhere: yes, yes, yes. But her colleague in Austria still has it lined up and does not intend to bring his country to the brink and be responsible for thousands of dead compatriots, such as Angela Merkel.

Angela Merkel defends 800.000 migrant crimes against German people


“It remains NO!”, said Claudia Türtscher, spokesman for Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg of ÖVP, Kurz's party.



Last month, Kurz said: "Millions of people can start their journey to Europe when the Greek border falls or when they get the impression that they are able to cross the border."

He also called Erdogan's actions ATTACK on the European Union.

Karoline Edtstadler, from the same party in the EU, said Austria points this out to avoid a repeat of the situation in 2015/2016. Merkel, and then the EU as a whole, forced countries to divide the migrants of that time through a quota system.

That worked well, because every Member State saw crime rates skyrocket. Austria does not kick in again.

Karoline Edtstadler:
"It is clear that the mandatory distribution of migrants in the EU has failed."

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