Lying and cheating, mark, hugo and the ministry of truth

Gelezen 1.298   Het ministerie van waarheid is beschreven in het boek 1984 van George Orwell. Dit ministerie houdt zich met terugwerkende kracht bezig om leugens en onwaarheden die uitkomen te verdraaien en geschiedenis aan te passen zodat het geen leugens en onwaarheden meer lijken te zijn.     En dat is precies wat er […]

There it is again, the vaccination dashboard

Gelezen 1.407   Voor een toelichting op het vaccinatie dashboard verwijs ik naar de eerdere dashboards die geplaatst zijn op CommonSenseTV. Maar belangrijk is wel om altijd te realiseren dat het aantal meldingen dat gedaan wordt aan EuraVigilance slecht een klein deel uitmaakt van de werkelijke vaccinschade. In eerdere artikelen heb ik dat aangetoond.   […]

Update: This is Maarten: "an IC nurse in Utrecht..."

Read 21.511 Will the real Maarten please stand up! Update 14-10-2021 Last night I posted a promotional video of one Maarten, who works at UMC Utrecht and I placed a radio fragment of Maarten, who works at the IC of the UMC Utrecht, who dialed in to the radio program Gaan on Radio 1. There was some doubt as to whether the […]

There's nothing like Friesland

Read 1.019 A while ago I wrote that we had better divide the country in two. Part for the people who obediently want to follow Mark and Hugo and their fellow criminals and part for the people who can think. Our Rients has a more […]

What the vaccine does for you…

Read 2.412 Out of all the vaccines out there, tetanus, measles, polio and I know a lot more, there has never been one that had to be told so many lies. There has never been a vaccine where you also had to wear a mask and keep your distance from each other. There is […]

More evidence for the plandemic

Read 2.599 The readers of CommonSenseTV have of course known for a long time that this whole corona hoax is the execution of a thoroughly prepared dark plan. We and many others have already written countless articles about this and provided evidence for this. But the nos/rtl/jinek/op1 viewers are not so easy to convince of a different reading […]

Protests in Italy

Read 848 As I wrote in my article Marburg, the demonstrations in Italy have resulted in brutal police brutality. Many other countries have already had their turn and it is undeniable that this extreme violence is also controlled from above. The governments in Europe have the so-called 'violence monopoly'. In theory, that's a good […]


Read 3.605 No, unfortunately this story is not about a picturesque town in Germany. This story is about how to proceed with the plandemic. 'They', the heads of government under the banner of the WEF, already know, for us there is still a lot of guesswork. After more than a year and a half of panicking about […]

How's the spray experiment going? Part II

Read 2.658 I once again made an overview of the countries with the highest and lowest vaccination rates and that compared to the number of alleged covid deaths. The number of positive tests I leave out this time because that cotton swab in the nose means nothing to me at all. Well, okay, one picture then. Because the […]

What the syringe is really for

Read 3.897 Suppose those 'vaccines' actually contribute something positive to the prevention of this flu or to the reduction of complaints. And if more than 80% of the population has already gotten that syringe, why should there be so much focus on those few people who don't […]