Finally the Netherlands at number one

Read 4.676 “We have something to be proud of!” Of course this is entirely ironic, because according to John Hopkins University we are number one in the world in terms of the number of deaths per million people. Despite of […]

WEF forecast for 2030

Read 4.374 WEF 2030 forecast Insane: World Economic Forum's 2030 forecasts do not include real estate ownership, diminished US dominance and Syrian CEOs. The World Economic Forum (WEF) has released its 8 predictions for the world in the year 2030. They are crazy. By Joe Hoft Published November […]


Read 3.453 Revolution Despite all the security services attacking this word, I call this piece 'revolution', but actually I want to investigate what a […]

Bill Gates indicted for murder

Read 6.593 Bill Gates indicted for murder Ten initiated; No this isn't clickbait it's true. You can see the original charges for yourself. On the original website where this article came from, […]

Philosophy in the Time of a Pandemic.

Read 1.119 The author of this article is Andrew Haas Professor of Philosophy at Moscow High School of Economics The article is from December 2020 When the new coronavirus hit, I started teaching Plato's Phaedo. The dialogue – which tells the last day of Socrates' life, including […]

Boris's solution for Europe

Read 3.742 Boris' Solution To Europe Freezing From Gas Shortages – Start A Hot War With Russia! Finian Cunningham November 17, 2021 As the saying attributed to Karl Marx goes: history repeats itself first as tragedy and then as farce. Another axiom quoted by Boris' hero Winston Churchill is: who […]

Plan B

Read 5.195 Plan B After reading the great article by Marcel van Tol something kept gnawing at me. Marcel describes that FEMA camps are being set up again […]

Excess mortality is increasing in the Netherlands


Read 2.447 Excess mortality in the Netherlands is increasing According to the CBS, excess mortality in the Netherlands is increasing, reports the NOS website. Last week, considerably more people died in the Netherlands than expected. More than 3750 people died and that means an 'excess mortality' of almost 850, reports the Central Bureau of Statistics. The […]

Dockers united shuts down the port of Rotterdam

Read 5.023 Dockers United 18-11-'21 19.00 The port in Rotterdam is flat Dockers United has blocked many roads because they do not accept the dichotomy in society. The riot police is on its way, but is standing in a traffic jam that is shutting down the whole of Rotterdam. See message with lots of videos    

NOS #Fakenews

Read 2.277 NOS #Fakenews The NOS reports today 16/11/'21 on the lawsuit against Kylie Rittenhouse, where the jury's results are expected today. artikel/2405808-links-en-rechts-Amerika-tegenover-elkaar-in-de-zaak-rittenhouse […]