Markie Mark and his Hollywood bananas!

For those who still take these election results seriously, where Rutte 4us turns out to be a fact and Sigrid Kaag rose to unprecedented heights, got a great treat, you'll have voted VVD or D'66, well you already know. whatever you have on them! This disgusting soap came to me […]

Are you going to vote next March 17?

Are you going to vote next March 17? It all sounds a bit trite, because the reason why many visit CSTV, that is because there is little confidence in the current politics and the media adapted to it! A lot of people hardly know what they are doing right anymore, because it will make a difference whether you […]


Believers What, where possible, overlooked a lot or give no attention at all, is the fact that “people” such as Hugo de Jonge, Mark Rutte, Carola Schouten and Ferdinand Grapperhaus, to name just a few politicians, have all been raised in a Christian way . What I am saying here is that they have all taken note […]


How did it get this far, we still see how a hoax has become a truth worldwide, that people invariably believe that there is a killer virus and that vaccination is the only solution to get out of this terrible malaise, that while there is actually hardly anything is going on! Yes […]

The fall of Baudet

Actually, what is now happening in the FvD on behalf of the board has always been the reason why I have faithfully continued to support a party like the PVV, sooner or later it had to happen, when the PVV was founded, Geert Wilders clearly understand why he was a […]

Column - Corona as a religion

It is actually very difficult to comprehend that a virus that is little more than a normal flu still has such a grip on large parts of the population that a government can still abuse so much power, despite the fact that it is real. figures show that we were not dealing with a pandemic, […]

The Hoekse and Kabeljauwse disputes on repeat?

Actually, I was no longer planning to devote myself to a column, I actually have very different plans for the future, but perhaps with this writing I am getting certain people to change their minds. If there is one thing very undesirable at this time, it is division, when all […]

The first legal demonstration is a fact

Despite the fact that many videos appeared on YouTube that tried to discourage people from going to the Malieveld, we can safely say that this full Malieveld has become a success. Let me first state that I do not intend to burn off Be the Resistance, but that the wise […]

Is this news? (Rectification!) "Beware of False Prophets"

When something is presented as news, you assume that a piece of reporting or journalism is being done there! On July 22, an article appeared under this heading entitled: Beware of False Prophets! (- Carl Popper) from Ferry Mahler, which has caused quite a stir! This article […]

Call for cooperation!

Finally he is there, the petition: “No compulsory Covid-19 vaccination”! It took a while, but it has finally become active, come people use this opportunity to make your voice heard and fill this petition in, join us to stop this madness! Then I immediately proceed with […]

Petition: No mandatory Covid-19 vaccination

Following on from Chris Collard's column last weekend, here's the announced petition against mandatory Covid-19 vaccination. Column: The broad social discussion. Click on the image below or go to: PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION! Let your voice be heard! This weekend we are starting a T-Shirt campaign against compulsory vaccinations and there will be […]

The broad social discussion.

If there is one thing that the Dutch population has been screaming about for years now, it is the broad social debate, the Balkenende cabinets were already anxiously ignoring this, but the Rutte cabinets also always did not accept this, while there were clearly very important play things, for example, passing an emergency law without even […]


Column - Chris Collard When we joined the EU in 2002, a number of politicians gave us an enumeration, of all the benefits that the EU and the euro would bring us, now more than eighteen years later, we are very sorry. it became clear that the benefits are not against the […]

Like mushrooms!

When I started to write critically, there were still some sources active that protested against this government and their policies, now some time later, they are sprouting like mushrooms. That is not illogical, because we can gradually speak of mismanagement by Rutte III, whereby the […]

What is going on in the Netherlands?

Today the longest day of the year, riots in The Hague, but what is the basis for this? Yes, the necessary people have overheated and that was not because of the outside temperature, but because of a grandfather mayor, a man who should have been retired for a long time, but this city was a VVD […]

Mister Klaver, what are you doing?

Dear Mr. J. Klaver, As a Dutchman, more and more questions are starting to arise regarding you and your party, your approval for the knocking down or smearing of statues gives me the idea that you don't understand anything about democracy, with the behind “Black Lives Matter ”indicates that you are standing up clearly […]

Which political party is right for me? (part 3 slot)

Obviously, it will take at least three more parts to name all the political parties that the Netherlands has (but in fact often only impoverish our country). The many parties and parties actually ensure that many people no longer see the forest for the trees! In addition, the […]

Which political party is right for me? (Part 2)

Dear reader, I have already told something about the left that I once voted in the distant past, but where I turned my back to forever, there is one person who can indicate very clearly what is wrong within the PvdA and in particular. Green left, then that is Peter Siebelt, […]

Which political party is right for me? (Part 1)

A triptych by regular columnist: Chris Collard. Now 61 years old, it has become clear to me which political party I will most likely vote for. A lot of people are much less sure which party they will vote for, so let me lift a tip of the veil to simply […]

Column - Jaap van Dissel Geachte lezer, Jaap van Dissel, op de zwarte lijst van artsen, is de baas van het RIVM, die luistert naar de WHO en deze organisatie kent als hoofdsponsor Bill Gates, dan begrijpt u toch wel waarom ons achterlijke kabinet zulke stupide beslissingen neemt? Dan begrijpt u toch wel waarom een Rob Elens als huisarts […]

Until here and NOT further with the EU!

It is beginning to seem that a breakthrough is gradually starting to take place, with the necessary letters I have recently bombarded group chairmen and MPs, because it cannot be the case that we remain stuck in this backward lockdown, which is winds back into a crisis comparable to the […]

Stop the protocol culture!   Met de video Planet of the Humans, maakte Michael Moore mij heel erg duidelijk, waar de grote problemen door ontstaan in onze huidige tijdsgeest. Het is al weer enige maanden geleden dat ik een column heb gewijd aan de enorme kap van bos in Nederland, ten bate van de groene stroom, waar Vattenfall […]

Who the hell is Bill Gates?

When we immerse ourselves in a character such as Bill Gates, all kinds of special facts emerge. Now I am not very superstitious, but some things simply cannot be brushed away. The idea of ​​a benefactor, who wants to save the world and put it on a better plan, does not fit […]

Call to the Netherlands - Stop the LOCKDOWN

Dear readers, I would like to appeal to you, it is very simple, but very effective to make a protest in this way! For those who have not yet realized, the Covid-19 is not at all that killer virus that threatens us seriously, it may be slightly worse than a normal flu, […]

Have faith!

As I mentioned in my previous column, living in fear is not fun at all, no one wants that, people want to be able to enjoy life, even if that is not always for everyone, it is just where your cradle has and what a lot of life has been allotted to you. But we […]