Predict your future for free.

Read 1.153 Predict Your Future For Free? Or is it simply using information that is already available to everyone? Either way, try to predict¨ (plan) your own future with this information. Pandemonium looms before the world as the 'everything short' meets a 'dark winter' thanks to collapsing global supply chains By Dr. Mathew Maavak, a […]

Café Weltschmerz Because information can also be done with humor.

Read 5.087 It could help inform people who seriously cannot tolerate the "heavy fare". Because informing can also be done with humor. About, among other things, the new 'flu shot', which has been 'improved' like a new detergent formula. From now on weekly at Café Weltschmerz: A satirical program that in its own way […]

Follow Huig Plug and Marlies in court

Read 1.232 Blue Tiger Studio Huig and Marlies at the court; grandson pedo judge now works for NRC Jolanda is for Blue Tiger in Rotterdam at the hearing of Larissa Alwin against Huig Plug. Due to the actions of the court, it became total chaos, so that Huig speaks outside the press and reads his pleading note. […]

'Wir haben das gewusst'.

Read 1.300 After the coming out of our deputies they go for it without any hesitation, it is unbelievable that there is no objection from the herd. Would people really still be under the assumption of Rules for you, but not for me¨? The statement 'Wir haben das nicht gewusst' would already […]

*****Breaking News**** Saar Van Olmen has it!

Read 2.662 copy paste art. Scientists have isolated the coronavirus. Unfortunately, the virus is real. SAAR VAN OLMEN – JANUARY 20, 2021 scientists-have-coronavirus-wel-geisolated “The coronavirus has never been isolated.” and “Has the new British variant ever appeared under the microscope?” An article in the Dutch internet medium “De Bataafsche Courant” wants to give the impression […]

¨The State¨ is deeply involved. Deep State is a Fact! **edit**

Read 1.269 Huig kicks the lid off the Demmink cover-up Huig kicks the cover off the Demmink cover-up If you haven't read Danny's article yet, I advise you to read it first. Gideon van Meijeren (FvD) came to talk last Friday about the bankruptcy of the debate in the House of Representatives. […]

What the CommonSense visitors should know and not forget.

Read 2.146 What the CommonSense visitors should know and not forget about: controlled opposition, pitting against each other is clearly discussed here between Tom and Dennis. A Blue Tiger Studio conversation with CommonSense. Blue Tiger Studio Do not try to fight each other for the reasons towards the common goal, but to […]

Relief among Ebola patients. (all kidding on a pcr stick)

Read 985 After their perilous crossing, these so-called "boat people" were delirious with joy after finally landing safely on the mainland. After all, they were the ones who could leave the Ebola-ravaged country. Many preceded them, but this was removed because of the risk of concern among the European population […]

¨We do it for the elderly¨

Read 2.172 the Captain The woman sat down on a chair in a restaurant and put her heavy bags of groceries behind her. She had to sit for a moment and thought, "I'll treat myself to a cup of coffee with an apple point." “May I see your QR code, ma'am?” the waiter asked. “Excuse me, what are you saying, […]

Too important not to share.

Read 2.602 What about Australia now ? Yesterday on the NOS Journaal. Not ! That's why I'm posting it here, with the hopes that Danny will find the time and funds to translate. For those who are proficient in the English language, Enjoy!