Resistance in the Netherlands grows after the introduction of test certificates

The government has submitted the bill to amend the Public Health Act (Wpg) to enable the use of test certificates for access to the House of Representatives. The use of test certificates makes it possible to open society earlier in a responsible manner. The bill provides that test certificates can be used temporarily for access […]

Sunday afternoon LIVE! The Free Radio!

We have been asked to bring this to the attention on behalf of Transition Web and the Dutch Association of Free Journalists and we do this with all love. A promising initiative. The text below is by Rob Vellekoop. De Vrije Radio with live reports and guests Cosiness, freedom and coffee are central during this very first live radio broadcast […]

Demonstration weekend!

Demonstrations It is the weekend again and Europe is going to demonstrate again. Every week many demonstrations are held throughout Europe in almost all countries. From Ireland to Italy and from Denmark to Spain. There are also weekly demonstrations in the Scandinavian countries. It seems that the Danish veterans have taken a good look at our Dutch […]

Florida Governor DeSantis: "Lockdowns were a huge mistake!"

Lockdowns were a huge mistake. Look, we like that. People in power who admit they were wrong. Honest people who dare to admit. That is adult trading. DeSantis is a hero among the Americans for his actions during this planemic. Florida has never known a mandatory mask and corona measures were only for advice […]

Norwegian health experts advise banning AstraZeneca vaccine

The Norwegian Health Authority says the country must immediately stop administering the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. Sounds noble, but it's purely self-serving. They should never have allowed the vaccine. This reptile is also responsible for that. “There is now significantly more knowledge about the link between the AstraZeneca vaccine and the rare […]

Talk Radio (1988) by Oliver Stone

Something different… A short film review The film will probably be for sale or for rent on the terrible Amazon. Quite coincidentally we came across the film here for download. No idea who uploaded it. The English subtitles can also be downloaded: Talk Radio (1988) by Oliver Stone So finished […]

De Audiokrant # 33 with Jeroen Arents, Dwight Samson and Rico Brouwer

In the thirty-third Audiokrant, Niels talks to Jeroen Arents from OPN, Dwight Samson from RT Dutch & Rico Brouwer from Potkaars. Jeroen Arents is the initiator of OPN (Independent Press Netherlands) and gives an update on the latest developments this week. The test company is the first to be discussed. Jeroen is concerned about the new […]

Wybren van Haga: "The Netherlands no longer falls for lies!"

We no longer fall for it “No one really believes that the measures are useful - not even the authorities themselves anymore. After all, they do not adhere to it themselves. Yet they continue to impose restrictions on our freedom. We have to stop this! ”, The Forum for Democracy said below this video on YouTube. Not a word of Spanish in between. […]

Court sets off corona mistreatment of children

Corona madness with children This is pretty much the new normal that Mark Rutte also strives for. Not so much because he wants to. He consciously joined the Davos cabal and offered himself as an executor, betraying, maiming, robbing and murdering his own population. Rutte and the young have no […]

Canada: The Fascist Country With Covid Internment Camps

Internment Camps Canada Welcome to friendly Justin Trudeau's good Canada. But a holiday to this beautiful country is not recommended. Friendly Prime Minister Trudeau, who dismissed Corona internment camps as a conspiracy theory a few months ago, has taken a dramatic step towards dangerous authoritarianism in Canada. The camps, which are in plain sight […]

London ISIS supporter for life for plans of 2nd 9/11

We need a 9/11 2.0 A man from East London was jailed on Tuesday for planning a terrorist attack, the Metropolitan Police said. The name is Sahayb Aweys Munye Abu, a 27-year-old wanna-be rapper. He was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Central Criminal Court of England and Wales with a […]

Reiner Fuellmich: “There is light at the end of the tunnel”

We have proof Reiner Fuellmich will go down in history as one of the greatest heroes of modern history. We are going to have a hard time. To avoid the worst, we will have to get up ourselves. Europe is the battleground because it is bankrupt. This continent will become the first continent to be fully […]

Full exclusive interview with Donald Trump (Dutch subtitles)

Removed from Facebook but immortalized on CommonSenseTV. The first interview after The Steal with the real President of the United States: Donald Trump Source: Share and like as much as possible! This is how we break through censorship together!

Think rationally and get vaccinated? That does not go together

You want to get vaccinated and you consider yourself a rational person? The two don't go together in any way. If you have not found out by now, you are not properly informed. It'll come. But probably too late ... Outbreaks after vaccinations Outbreak after Vaccination Rotterdam 12-2-21: Outbreak after Vaccination 26-1-21 […]

The Audiokrant # 32

In the thirty-second Audiokrant, Niels talks to writer Elze van Hamelen of the magazine Healthy Verstand, Writer and interviewer Pieter Stuurman of Café Weltschmerz & Danny of CSTV. Elze van Hamelen is a transition consultant and also writes for the magazine Healthy Verstand. Elze has been involved in various changes in society for a long time, including […]

God is on Earth: His name is Bill Gates

We're going to dim the sunlight! The fact that there are hordes of people who see Bill Gates as a kind of benefactor who wants the best for humanity is a special phenomenon. Our clumsy philanthropist has a new idea. He will dim the sun in order to cool the earth. This is not just an idea […]

Citizen Initiative: Build Back Better Debate

SUPPORT AND SIGN THIS CITIZENS 'INITIATIVE Did you notice that too? Suddenly, out of nowhere, world leaders are adopting the slogan Build Back Better. Our King (second 49) and Prime Minister Rutte (second 20) also recently referred in their video messages for the United Nations to the need to Build Back Better. But where does this slogan come from so suddenly? What do they mean by Build Back […]

Vaccinations and Testing: A Dirty Bomb!

Greatest Crime in World History The “Dirty Bomb” to fight the elite's staged Political Flu seems to be turning into the greatest crime in world history, with the second largest - all wars in living memory with a total of 1 billion dead - will prove to be a nice little trial by a distance. In […]

Republican Governor vetoes ban on chemical castration of children

Arkansas Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson has vetoed a bill banning sex reassignment surgery for minors. To better describe this operation: The liberal hobby is chemical castration via anaphrodisiac on children. In adults this is used to tone down the libido. (source) The New York Times reported in 2016 that this […]

Victoria Koblenko the culture caper

Wok culture is taking on increasingly bizarre forms! Now the far left is back to crying crying over Victoria Koblenko's hair! Like, share and subscribe! Telegram: Share and like as much as possible! This is how we break through censorship together!

Media blow up Human Rights Court ruling on vaccinations

Completely out of context The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has backed the Czech Republic in demanding compulsory vaccinations for pre-school children. That is literally how the Court puts it out. The case was filed long before this so-called "covid crisis". Although we no longer trust any institution today, […]

Our Jasper has also lost his company

Santen Bezorgt exists 10 years and we celebrate that by stopping. Besides Jasper's commitment to CommonSenseTV, and therefore especially for the Netherlands, Jasper also has a catering business. He has had success with his Restaurant with healthy food from the region. A wonderful initiative. But Jasper is also hit hard by a government that […]

Algemeen Dagblad interviewed Marcel van Tol about a cheating doctor

You can still remember the story of the deceased father of Marcel van Tol who died of cardiac arrest at the age of 85 while the doctor on duty Robert-Jan van Rijn registered Covid19 as the cause of death. Not to be confused with insurance doctor and hero Koert van Rijn who, among others, sued Jaap van Dissel. This article is also […]

Corona in Russia without a lockdown

"The propaganda just keeps going in the Netherlands and people fall for it." William Immink lives in Izhevsk (Russia) and is a freelance journalist. Last year Niels Lunsing spoke to him in the NieuweTijd podcast about his book 'Cheese head between the Kalashnikovs' and now about the situation in Russia with regard to corona. For example, is there a lockdown […]

Why Florida and the Netherlands not?

Although it is difficult to talk about so-called infection figures and about “corona deaths” because the scam is becoming so clear, the figures are still (also by us) used to show where people are “doing it well” and “doing it badly”. ”. It is just where a flu is sometimes a bit more household than elsewhere, […]