Caught in the act! Confidential Pfizer-FDA Document Revealed

Read 24.028 Cover up of vaccination damage and vaccination deaths from the covid vaccine And according to the document 3 times more women than men. Pfizer had already been caught with a laundry list of criminal trials in the past and those that are still ongoing, but this confirms everything. The FDA has never been allowed to approve the vaccine. Thanks to the efforts […]

Germany announces national lockdown for unvaccinated

Read 1.801 Angela Merkel – All or nothing! You notice that the governments make the strangest jumps like cats in a corner. They still assume that citizens will accept this and that they can go through with their plans, but something tells me that the people behind the scenes have let go of the governments, and after […]

Corona pass illegal: Correct the situation or penalty of €5.000 per day

Read 4.725 Corona pass declared illegal And this is only the beginning of the good news... A court in Namur has declared the use of the Corona Safe Ticket illegal in Wallonia. If no measures are taken to rectify this situation, the Walloon region will soon have to pay a penalty of 5.000 euros per day. […]

Daniël Pardoen party leader FvD Purmerend: “We have to stand up!”

Read 1.853 Corona dictatorship The municipal elections can sometimes become interesting. Slightly less prone to fraud. The check is easier, the notes stay in place. If I'm wrong, tell me. Who knows, we might get a better idea of ​​what the population really thinks. In any case, it seems that people like us, […]

Gideon van Mijeren: Everything is said here. President breaks off debate.

Read 3.021 Strikes, Resistance, Civil Disobedience Gideon does not shy away from any subject. And he is clear and honest about violence. The truth is so obvious. Gideon can explain very calmly and clearly what is going on in this country and across the borders. The behavior of the MPs who interrupt [...]

Reiner Fuellmich guest at 'Nuremberg 2.0' launch in Poland

Read 4.290 Reiner Fuellmich guest at 'Nuremberg 2.0' launch in Poland People are in a shit situation and have pinned their hopes on, among others, Reiner Fuellmich (Füllmich is also written) because “it doesn't go well” but one should not forget that class-action lawsuits take an enormous amount of time before anything happens. This has its […]

Vaccinated people die!

Read 7.806 Vaccines Die That's the conclusion Dr. Sean Brooks pulls. Now we hope that the best man is wrong, but he is far from the only one who predicts this. And we are already a bit on the way, we can say. Until a year ago he was still a very respected person […]

Kansas Democratic governor exempts vaccination requirements

Read 3.903 Kansas Governor Signs Bill Allowing Companies To Allow Broad Exemptions From COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements Just about anything Biden wants to get through is immediately blocked by the states. Even the Democratic states. One of them is Kansas. It doesn't seem to be going well anyway for some politicians and media worldwide who are panicking trying to […]

Police union chairman Gerrit van de Kamp furious with administrators and politics

Read 11.650 Chairman of the Police Union furious with administrators Gerrit van de Kamp, chairman of the largest police union ACP, says via de Volkskrant that he is angry with the government and he also immediately states that he is not waiting for unctuous, meaningless compassionate words from politics. That we do this again in the […]