Again so people understand: STAY OFF THE VACCINE!!!

Understand what is being said here, dear doubters. dr. David Martin has been active in his company for more than 2 decades monitoring patents on viruses and vaccines, among other things, and is also responsible for monitoring abuses and possible violations of (bio) weapons laws. The words of Fauci in 2015: “We have to try the public […]

Showdown! France approves COVID health passports for hospitality industry

Macron has declared war on France French lawmakers approved an extension of COVID health pass requirements to bars and restaurants in the early morning hours on Monday. The health pass attesting that the holder has either been vaccinated, tested negative within the past 48 hours or recovered from the disease within the past […]

An awkward situation yesterday

An awkward situation yesterday Yesterday I was allowed to feel what a lot of people started to feel about 90 years ago. As some readers will know, I regularly visit beautiful Spain. A country with sweet but wonderfully hot-tempered people. As soon as people didn't like something, they went […]

Is Thierry Baudet RADICALIZED?

I see everything and everyone who sincerely want to fight as an ally. Even if it's Antifa. I say that because the target is getting blacker and whiter. And the supporters who stand for that goal too. You see that the government has declared war on you or you don't. Looking back is pointless. We […]

Macron pushes people to their limits: “Unvaccinated people are selfish and irresponsible”

“Unvaccinated Selfish and Irresponsible” As predicted, Macron is leading the way in portraying the unvaccinated as the culprits of everything. While traveling in French Polynesia, Emmanuel Macron once again defended vaccination to fight the coronavirus. “We have a weapon that must be used, namely the vaccine. And I want to send a very strong message to everyone […]

“It was never about our health. It was about eugenics and genocide.”

Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich: 'It was never about health, always about eugenics and genocide' After interviewing countless experts in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, economics and medicine, lawyer Reiner Fuellmich came to the conclusion that the 'corona pandemic' never went away. for health, but always for the destruction of small and medium-sized enterprises, and eugenics […]

Certain groups of people get BOOSTER SHOT

Booster Shots! Do you have your mouth open? That will come. From surprise. Top officials of the Biden administration are now indicating that certain groups of people need COVID-19 booster shots, and this trend has immediately spilled over to Europe. In France to be exact. Government officials are "actively looking for ways" to help people who lack strong immune systems […]

More vaccinated than unvaccinated in hospital? The MSM explains

An article by the largest newspaper in the Basque Country explains why more vaccinated people are hospitalized than unvaccinated. It's the way to lie to people for another month. It is written by: JOSE MANUEL JIMENEZ GUARDEÑO Researcher in the Department of Infectious Diseases, King's College London & ANA MARÍA ORTEGA-PRIETO […]

Large part of Spain is without electricity

More than 3.000 municipalities in Spain have been without electricity since about a quarter to five. I also have no electricity anymore. I just managed to squeeze this post with my low battery. It is not regional but all over Spain. It is not yet known what the cause is. Update: Power is back […]

Is he calling Frans Timmermans a pig?

Carpenter a pig? It seems very likely that the new EU president, Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša, called Frans Timmermans a pig at the beginning of this month. bastard. That's not how you treat pigs. On Twitter, Janša said it was "someone" from the EU who is "high in the bureaucracy". It was quite […]

This is not a horror movie, this is Australia

No, this is not a satire, nor is it a scene from a horror movie. This is Australia Australia. For me it was always a kind of dream island far from the Western world, but with the same standards and values. Where there was pain and sorrow. Where nothing ever happened. Of course a completely naive thought, but I expected […]

Doctor warns vaccinees could die within 3 years

Doctor warns vaccinees may die within 3 years Says Dr. Charles Hoffe, a Canadian doctor who has sounded the alarm many times and is now gaining more and more acclaim. You can hardly imagine that this is actually the case, but when you listen to this doctor's 9-minute monologue, it sounds […]

Federal lawsuit for immediate shutdown of COVID vaccines

Federal Lawsuit for Immediate Shutdown of COVID Vaccines America's Frontline Doctors has filed a motion to stop the use of emergency COVID vaccines for anyone under the age of 18, anyone who has already had the so-called virus and built natural immunity AND anyone who not for the injection all fair data on the side effects […]

Vote fraud in Georgia (US) confirmed

Vote fraud confirmed in Georgia During a show by Tucker Carlson (FOX News), he exposed the alleged vote fraud in Georgia. It was a neck and neck race in Georgia. Biden won by just 13.000 votes in a state of nearly 11 million people. It has been found, among other things, that more than […]

German media is beginning to “tilt”. Should we be happy about that?

Media seems to be “tilting” We see that various mainstream media, newspapers and TV channels worldwide are starting to tilt. This mainly happens in America and Australia, but also in our neighboring country Germany. They seem to be "critical" about the corona measures, the vaccines and the tests. Only 500 days late. Earlier, ZDF […]

Important and shocking! The lies exposed

The greatest lie of all time exposed If you somehow ended up here without being a CommonSenseTV reader then you're in luck. Why? You now have the chance to see the shocking but also most important video about the coronavirus with Dutch subtitles. You will keep your eyes and your […]

The Audiokrant # 46

De Audiokrant #46 .Joost Knevel, a former resident of the municipality of Bodegraven, reported crimes committed up to the age of six on November 6, 2020. Since then, a lot has been going on in Bodegraven and it has become a heavily loaded business. Besides journalist Micha Kat and Wouter Raatgever, there are few people who […]

Everyone wants to see this, this is about you!

Be honest with yourself. As bad as it is, it's better to know so we can live in a nice society again. "You can always fool some people, but you can't always fool all the people." Ordinary people cannot imagine that […]

Georgia County Ballot Analysis Shows 'Demonstrable Fraud'

It is about to begin Many have probably already learned something from the evidence during the 60th session of the Corona Ausschuss, in which, among others, Dr Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA technique and Dr. Steve Martin is actually closing the net on this corona hoax and in America more and more is coming up about the election fraud […]

How does this continue? The social credit system

For today I had planned and prepared 3 articles/opinion pieces. But I've been hit with the flu. But that is no longer possible because the influenza has disappeared from the face of the earth. Then I have corona. Terrified, because there is now a 0,0001% chance that I will die. That was with the influenza […]

The New Age with Sid Lukkassen

Sid Lukkassen is a historian/philosopher and has been a regular guest on the Café Weltschmerz YouTube channel in recent years. Lately he can mainly be seen at Blue Tiger Studio in Groningen and he is working on his own initiative 'De Nieuwe Zuil'. On Sid's website we read the following: The stories from the societies […]

Is the white person under pressure?

  This is a hot topic in America right now. A deadly serious subject. Who would have thought? A video like this would be instantly labeled as “far right” by all politically correct people a few years ago. Probably still now. A bizarre short-sighted argument. Why? No thought is given to what this video […]

Statement 80 police officers is not (yet) due to threats

The text below is taken directly from the BPOC2020 Press release presentation police report July 10, 2021 On July 7, we as BPOC2020 were confronted with multiple threats to life. These persons were aware of our private address, of the car we drive, and of the location where the explanatory officers […]

The Audiokrant # 45

De Audiokrant #45. Rob Vellekoop has been active for 10 years as a writer for his website DLMPLus, in which he writes very critically about the media, politics and government. Rob has recently undergone a personal transformation. The anger and fierce criticism with which he wrote his articles seem to be fading. In De Audiokrant Rob tells […]

The A status for a C virus!

The A status for a C virus! It is really unbelievable, the coronavirus is being equated with a real killer virus called Ebola, we are talking about our so-called parliament, but it turns out that these people are really not worth a cut in the nose except for a few, not be hindered, […]