Telegraaf spreads BLM lie

Read 25 TELEGRAPH SPREAD BLM LIE De Telegraaf published an article called: “Dead and total anarchy in Jacob Blake riots”. The article also read: “In addition to the mostly black protesters who destroy and set fire to homes or restaurants, there are also reports of far-right militias attacking people.” This concerns a lie spread by Tariq […]


Read 7 NUMBER LISTS: DIVERSITY IN BARS It is common knowledge that some, all too well-known, groups are overrepresented in crime. But how much exactly? This can best be read from inmate figures, since it concerns criminals who have been identified, arrested and tried for minor offences. Below is a list of population groups, […]


Read 20 As the number of attacks on white farmers in South Africa reaches new heights, hostility against whites is on the rise here too (in the West). -Don't see any color? Racist! -Do you see color? Racist! -You select people by their skills or character? Racist! -You object to my calling you racist? White […]

The double standard: farmers and BLM

Read 9 On June 1, thousands of people gathered on Dam Square to protest the death of George F. No one was arrested, the mayor joined in and gave Akwasi the stage to threaten Zwarte Piet and pose as a revenge-seeking descendants of slaves. Akwasi, the West African Ashanti […]


Read 48 Yesterday we looked at predictions of how the Netherlands will look demographically in thirty years. As interesting as I find those forecasts, they are and will remain to a certain extent gimmicky. So now a look back at how our country has changed in the last ten years, since we can talk about that with great certainty. […]

The Netherlands in 2050

Read 30 POPULATION: THE NETHERLANDS IN 2050 At the request of the House of Representatives, in response to the enormous net immigration in recent years, CBS and NIDI conducted research into what the Netherlands will look like in 2050. This resulted in 7 scenarios of what would CAN happen in the next thirty years. The different scenarios come […]

Column - The need for babies

Read 8 In the debate on repopulation, we often talk about one side of the problem: Immigration and immigrant birth rates. The other side, namely natives who have too few children, is little discussed. The low birth rates since 1973 are the reason why our politicians and big business continue to make the case for immigration, “to […]

FVD'ers and PVV'ers want end 1.5 meter society.

Read 20 While the minority of the Netherlands wants to get rid of the 1.5 meter rules for outside (44%) and inside (25%), it is precisely the FVD and PVV voters who want to get rid of the rules by a large majority. Of the FvD members, 88% want to get rid of the 1.5 meters outside and 61% inside, followed by PVV with 69% outside […]


Read 5 The biggest obstacle in the Trump era, next to Kushner, is the Republican Party's old mice (“Rhinos”). The Rhinos think they can score politically by looking more like Democrats, giving BLM its way and leaving the borders wide open to flood the labor market with dirt-cheap workers. And that is […]


Read 14 The President regrets listening to the advice of his son-in-law Jared Kushner, because Kushner's advice does more harm than good to Trump's presidency. A White House staffer sums up Trump's sentiment: "Done with Jared's WOKE bagger." Encouraged by Tucker's criticism of Kushner, Trump will now go […]