The Jasper Experience # 17

The Jasper Experience # 17 During the 17th experience show, Jasper shows the compilation of “Hell” Sigried Kaag and how she defends George after questions from Baudet. Also, 7 days after voting, the result has still not been added together and official. We emailed the electoral commission. Are we going back in time? 20 […]

Telegraaf spreads BLM lie

TELEGRAPH SPREAD BLM LIE De Telegraaf published an article entitled: “Dead and total anarchy in riots Jacob Blake”. The article also stated: "In addition to the mostly black protesters who destroy and set fire to homes or restaurants, there are also reports of extreme right-wing militias attacking people." This concerns a lie spread by Tariq Nasheed, a […]


LISTS OF FIGURES: DIVERSITY IN THE BAYS It is common knowledge that some, all too well known, groups are overrepresented in crime. But how much exactly? This is best seen in prison figures, since it concerns criminals who have been identified, arrested and tried for minor offenses. Below is a list of population groups, their share […]


While the number of attacks on white farmers in South Africa is reaching new heights, here too (in the West) hostility to whites is on the rise. -Don't you see any color? Racist! - Do you see color? Racist! -You select people based on their skills or character? Racist! - You object to my calling you a racist? White fragility! And […]

The double standard: farmers and BLM

On June 1, thousands of people gathered in Dam Square to protest the death of George F. No one was arrested, the mayor participated and gave Akwasi the stage to threaten Zwarte Piet and pretend to be a revenge-hungry descendant of slaves. Akwasi, the West African Ashanti whose ancestors […]


Yesterday we looked at predictions of what the Netherlands will look like in thirty years' demographics. However interesting I find those forecasts, it is and will remain to a certain extent aerial cycling. So let's now take a look back at how our country has changed in the last ten years, since we can speak about it with great certainty. Between 2010 […]

The Netherlands in 2050

REVOLUTION: THE NETHERLANDS IN 2050 At the request of the House of Representatives, in response to the enormous net immigration in recent years, Statistics Netherlands and NIDI conducted research into what the Netherlands will look like in 2050. This resulted in 7 scenarios of what will happen in the the next thirty years CAN happen. The different scenarios come down to this. […]

Column - The need for babies

In the debate about population change, we often talk about one side of the problem: immigration and immigrant birth rates. The other side, namely native Dutch who have too few children, is not discussed much. The low birth rates since 1973 are the reason that our politicians and large companies continue to make the case for immigration, “to help the aging population […]

FVD'ers and PVV'ers want end 1.5 meter society.

While the minority of the Netherlands wants to get rid of the 1.5 meter rules for outside (44%) and inside (25%), it is precisely the FVD and PVV voters who want to get rid of the rules by a large majority. 88% of the FvD'ers want to get rid of the 1.5 meter outside and 61% inside, followed by PVV with 69% outside and 51% […]


The biggest obstacle in the Trump era, besides Kushner, is the old mice (“Rhinos”) of the Republican Party. The Rhinos think they can score politically by being more like Democrats, giving BLM its way and leaving borders wide open to flood the labor market with dirt cheap workers. And that is exactly true […]


The President regrets listening to the advice of his son-in-law Jared Kushner, because Kushner's advice does more harm than good to Trump's presidency. A White House employee sums up Trump's sentiment: "Done with Jared's WOKE bagger." Encouraged by Tucker's criticism of Kushner, Trump now goes more often and prefer to […]

Grapperhaus is working on MORE internet censorship

Minister Grapperhaus, of “Justice and Security”, wants to be able to fine and pillory internet companies for not removing “Hate Speech”. He would prefer to get it done this year. The Minister uses the recent discussion about “racism” to intervene in the digital freedom of expression. Grapperhaus wants to […]


Over the years, the internet has become increasingly important for the information provision and opinion formation of a growing number of internet users. The major tech companies in the field of communication, such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, etc., are very aware of this. That is why they have become increasingly involved in the content in recent years […]

Demonized for self-defense

It has long been known that in the US Democrats and Marxist activists have been seeking to restrict or even outlaw the constitutional right to possess firearms. Thanks to the current President and the Conservative majority in the Supreme Court, the Democrats cannot do this, so it became […]

Net immigration also low last month

Also last month, the forbidden word, the repopulation, remained on the back burner as a result of the Corona crisis. Last May, the migration balance was only 216, because 516 net immigrants left and 732 natives returned to the Netherlands net. A net 539 Western immigrants left and 23 non-Westerners entered. 152 more people came from Africa to […]

Nationalist victories in Europe

Several Nationalist victories have taken place in Serbia, Poland and France last week. In Poland, Nationalist President Andrzej Duda received 43.67% of the votes in the first round of the Presidential elections, compared to 34.76% in 2015. In France, Louis Aliot, on behalf of Assemblement National (formerly Front National), won the mayor of Perpignan last Sunday (120.000 inhabitants). With that […]

The Slow Death of Cultural Marxism

Anyone who is somewhat familiar with Yuri Bezmenov's explanation of how Communists are eroding a foreign power from within, among other things, by poisoning the youth by introducing Cultural-Marxist elements (Or “Left-wing indoctrination”) into higher education, knows that the Universities and High schools are the breeding ground for this destructive activism. A flourishing Cultural Marxism serves […]

Scotus empowers Trump to deport illegal immigrants

Last Thursday, the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) voted 7 in favor and 2 against the return of a Sri Lankan “refugee” who proved unable to give a convincing reason as to why he would be in danger as a Tamil minority in Sri Lanka. The ruling also applies to any asylum seeker who is unable to […]

Double standard in court

Last Tuesday, two social media users appeared in court. Their crime: Offensive posts / tweets on social media, following the live broadcast of Keti Koti in 2017. The broadcast provoked a lot of anger and posts. Some posts were reported. Of the many reports, the Public Prosecution chose to prosecute 7, […]

Black Crimes Matter

Human rights activist and presenter Colin Flaherty organized a protest against Afros' disproportionate acts of violence against whites. For this, he and his activists blocked the MLK exit on highway I-95 in Nevada. Colin Flaherty has been fighting for years against the actual racism in society, namely racism against white people. The data of the Bureau of Justice […]

BlackLivesMatter calls for destruction of white Jesus

Shaun King, the White African-American since the Egyptian Pharaohs and leader of BLM, calls for the destruction of religious artworks depicting a white Jesus. According to Shaun, white Jesus is a form of "White Supremacy". Jesus is a Semite, from ancient Israel, with a phenotype that we recognize as white. In addition, Semites are […]

Major investment firm flees Seattle

Due to the major unrest in Seattle, caused by BLM and AntiFa and the associated damage to the commercial sector, Smead Capital Management decided to leave Seattle. The $ 1.6 billion Firm is trading troubled Seattle for Phoenix, Arizona. According to CEO Cole Smead, the choice fell on Phoenix, because […]

Meuthe - The Henk Otten of the AfD

Every political party must ensure that its core values ​​are not watered down as a result of seizures of power by “moderates” who want to draw the party to the “Political Middle”. Certainly all your core values ​​(Nationalism and anti-population) are very popular among your own voters. Such a seizure of power was attempted by West German Mr Meuthen within the AfD (Germany), against the more Patriotic / Nationalist […]

Murder in the anti-police paradise

In the earliest hours of Saturday morning, a firefight took place in CHAZ / CHOP an “Autonomous Zone” declared by AntiFa and BlackLivesMatter. Police relied on the report of a firefight but were prevented by a hostile mob of activists who refused to allow police access. Later, the officers were told that the two […]