Rebelo de Sousa re-elected as President of Portugal

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa has been re-elected as President of Portugal. The current president received 60,70% of the vote. With a very large majority, the 72-year-old Rebelo de Sousa retains his position. Ana Gomes of the LIVRE party (Man, animal, nature) came second with 12,97% of the votes. André Ventura of the conservative CHEGA ended on […]

Presidential elections in Portugal

The polling stations in Portugal opened on Sunday morning. With seven candidates to choose from, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa is the all-time favorite. Rebelo de Sousa has been president of Portugal since 2016 and belongs to the PSD - the social democratic party of Portugal. The main competitors of the current president are Ana Gomes and André […]

Police end brawl in Cypriot refugee camp

At least 35 people were injured in the refugee camp in the capital, Nicosia. Some 600 men reportedly took part in the slugfest. Migrants of multiple nationalities are said to be involved. Steel beams and stones are said to have been used as weapons. It is not known what prompted the fight. Currently boats are flushing almost daily […]

EU gives Bosnia and Herzegovina 3,5 million euros

The umpteenth "throw with the money" game of the European Union. Bosnia and Herzegovina is receiving the aid package because a migrant camp has been burned down. In April 2020, Bosnia-Herzegovina also received 4,5 million from the EU. Purpose of the aid package: “to provide assistance to vulnerable refugees and migrants facing a humanitarian disaster in Bosnia”. The […]

Brexit deal finally finalized

The Brexit deal between the European Union and the United Kingdom is still closed before 2021. Prime Minister Johnson came out with the news today. It is not yet entirely clear what exactly is described in the Brexit deal. Dutch fisheries in particular were hesitant about British positions on fisheries. Minister of Foreign Affairs Stef […]

Seat robbery of former MEPs FVD

In addition to the departure of Joost Eerdmans and Annabel Nanninga from FVD, Derk Jan Eppink, Rob Roos and Rob Rooken are also switching to JA21, the new party of Eerdmans and Nanninga. Eppink, Roos and Rooken sat on behalf of FVD in the European Parliament. “The JA21 program ties in seamlessly with the election program for which in 2019 […]

Wikipedia gets rid of page conspiracy websites

In a previously published article we showed that Wikipedia had created a page with a "List of conspiracy websites". CommonSenseTV was also included in the list. However, Wikipedia has taken the page down. The reason for this is unknown, but perhaps due to a lack of evidence. Unfounded allegations against a website that contains facts and […]

France will start vaccinating on Sunday

France will start vaccinating its citizens on Sunday, December 27. The corona vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech has today been approved by the EMA and the European Commission. France is one of the first European countries to start vaccinating. Minister of Health Olivier Véran announced the news on the radio station Europe 1. “We want to […]

Pro-European Sandu wins Moldova's presidential election

Maia Sandu, 57, won the presidential election in Moldova with 48% of the vote. Four years ago, Sandu lost to current president Igor Dodon by a difference of 70.000 votes. Sandu is Moldova's first female president. With this election result, a new wind will blow in the Eastern European country. Although the people are divided […]

Kosovar President Thaçi resigns on war crime charges

Earlier this year, 52-year-old Thaçi also had to appear at the Kosovo Tribunal in The Hague (see Oorlogsmisdaden/). Thaçi is said to have been accused by a "special prosecutor" of war crimes during the war with Serbia. He has now been officially charged. The former leader of the UÇK, the liberation army of Kosovo, is said to have killed more than a hundred gruesome […]

Congolese president wants debt cancellation

Félix Tshisekedi spoke about this at the annual general meeting of the United Nations. The 57-year-old president says that the corona virus has hit African countries too badly. Not a postponement of payment, which Congo has already received before. Tshisekedi would like a total cancellation of all charges they borrowed. "Around the […]

Influencers against corona policy: #Idoenietmeermee

A number of celebrities and influencers have turned against the corona policy. Well-known Dutch people such as Hardwell, Bizzey, Famke Louise, Brace and Thomas Berge share the hashtag #ikdoenietmeermee on social media. "We can't shut up anymore," said Amersfoort rapper Bizzey. In recent months, more and more celebrities have voiced opposition. Among others Lange Frans and actor […]

Tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan are mounting

The two countries in the Caucasus again clashed with each other. How this started again is the question, as both countries point to each other. Armenia and Azerbaijan have been at odds for years. This is mainly due to the war in Nagorno-Karabakh, a region in Azerbaijan. The region strives for entire […]

Anti-Orbán alliance in Hungarian Parliament

The largest opposition parties in the Hungarian parliament will work together against Viktor Orbán. Both left and right join arms. Fidesz, Orbán's party, has currently ruled Hungary for ten years. Election experts conclude that this is due to the widespread division among the opposition. Six opposition parties say they have listened to “the […]

Peace agreement signed between Israel and the United Arab Emirates

The two countries have reached an agreement on "normalization". This should ensure that the situation in the Middle East improves. Both countries are superpowers in two different aspects: Israel in the military field and the United Arab Emirates in the financial field. The European Union is satisfied with these developments, although they are still […]

Italian island full to the brim with immigrants

The Italian island of Lampedusa has again been overrun with illegal immigrants. Mayor Totò Martello has admitted that the situation is out of control due to the massive numbers of immigrants. Lampedusa currently has 7.500 inhabitants, 1.000 of which are immigrants. Martello has called on the government to take action because the island can no longer handle the immigrant flow. Lampedusa […]

European air quality extremely deadly, says Brussels

According to the European Union, there are 400.000 premature deaths in the EU every year from dirty air. It is unclear what the organization bases this on. According to the European Commission, many Member States are not doing enough to produce clean air. Only four EU countries will achieve the target for better air quality by 2030. These include the Netherlands, Cyprus, Croatia and […]

President of Kosovo suspected of war crimes

Kosovar President Hashim Thaçi was charged yesterday by the Kosovo Tribunal located in The Hague. The Kosovo Tribunal, also known as the Kosovo Tribunal, is a tribunal set up to prosecute and try crimes against humanity, war crimes and Kosovar crimes committed during the Kosovo war. 52-year-old Thaçi has been reported by a “special prosecutor” […]

The first two European corona-free countries

We are talking about two relatively small countries. The counter of corona infections in both the Faroe Islands and Montenegro is zero. Montenegro has officially declared itself “corona free”. The country took measures before the corona virus even arrived in Europe. Thus the population was tested en masse, public life was shut down and thus the country came […]

Another money package to Ukraine

Five hundred million euros. We talk about that. This AGAIN goes to a country that is not a member of the European Union. The European Commission is lending the money to Ukraine. The Eastern European country receives this money to help the country's economic and structural reforms get back on track. In addition to that, the European […]

Slovenia will open borders from May 31

Slovenia will reopen the country to EU citizens from 31 May. The reason for this is that there has been a sharp drop in the number of corona patients. Enough to reopen the borders, according to the Slovenian government. However, the XNUMX meter measure continues to apply and face masks must be worn in offices, cafes and […]

Group leader Azarkan sent away at DENK

The unrest at party DENK keeps on going. Today party leader Farid Azarkan has been expelled from the party. The reason for this is that Azarkan "continuously harms in an unreasonable manner and acts contrary to the interests of Denk and with agreements and decisions made," said a spokesperson for DENK. Tunahan Kuzu previously announced […]

EU earmarks 3,3 billion euros for corona aid in the Balkans

The European Union will send an amount to the western side of the Balkans of EUR 3,3 BILLION. This amount will be distributed among Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Serbia. Most of the support package will be used for the economy, which has been at a standstill for quite a few weeks. Only a small part […]

Henk Krol leaves 50Plus and starts a new party

Henk Krol's new party will be called the “Party for the Future”. Henk Krol will found the party together with Femke Merel van Kooten-Arissen. Van Kooten-Arissen previously left the Party for the Animals. It is not yet entirely clear what the positions will be for the party. Krol does make it clear that his party […]

Ukraine receives EU loan of EUR 1,2 billion

Ukraine has also extended the corona measures until May 11. Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal hopes to relax the measures afterwards if the infections decrease. Ukraine is currently dealing with 6600 corona infections. Ukraine, which is not a member of the European Union, will receive an additional 190 BILLION after the previously allocated 1,2 million! You read it […]