How Hugo de Jonge exerts psychological pressure

Read 1.234 Normally I never write from my own perspective, but this has to come out, about our Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport. The booster shot is just around the corner. High time to get your third shot! But why are we doing this… about three years ago, every person with at least one brain cell would think twice […]

Timmermans: Push through the Green deal and corona vaccinations

Read 68 Frans Timmermans is proud of the approach to the corona crisis and says the EU has acted very well. In addition, the green deal also has a bright future, according to the 60-year-old PvdA member. “Who would have thought that we could put together a recovery program so quickly and that countries like the Netherlands could also agree to […]

UPDATE: Kaag resigns after a motion of censure

Read 5 Thursday evening, D66 party leader Sigrid Kaag, together with Ank Bijleveld (CDA), can expect a motion of censure. The House, including the Christian Union, is of the opinion that Kaag acted too weakly in the Afghanistan process. The vote is tonight, but Member of Parliament Don Ceder has already told the press that the CU […]

EU sends another 100 million money package to Afghanistan

Read 24 According to EU President von der Leyen, the money package is an emergency aid package. The money for development aid has now been cut off now that the Taliban is in power. But one compensates for the other, shall we say. Not to mention that the European Union previously sent a support package of 200 million euros. In total, […]

Hugo de Jonge: a man with a lot of power

Read 133 Last Tuesday evening Hugo de Jonge indicated that people without a vaccine are "antisocial" and "take the rest of society hostage". The Deputy Prime Minister is anything but happy with people who have not yet been vaccinated. The 43-year-old CDA member returns to his words from a few months ago. De Jonge is now of the opinion [...]

Van Haga: "Don't enforce the corona pass!"

Read 41 The date is getting closer. September 25 will come the “day of division”. In other words, the day you must have a corona pass for a restaurant or cafe. It is not yet official, but it seems that a corona pass has to be shown. This also happens with […]

Rebelo de Sousa re-elected as President of Portugal

Read 4 Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa has been re-elected as President of Portugal. The current president received 60,70% of the vote. With a very large majority, 72-year-old Rebelo de Sousa keeps his position. Ana Gomes of the LIVRE party (Human, Animal, Nature) came in second with 12,97% of the vote. André Ventura of the conservative CHEGA […]

Presidential elections in Portugal

Read 5 The polls in Portugal opened on Sunday morning. With seven candidates to choose from, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa is the clear favorite. Rebelo de Sousa has been president of Portugal since 2016 and belongs to the PSD – the social democratic party of Portugal. The current president's biggest competitors are Ana Gomes […]

Police end brawl in Cypriot refugee camp

Read 779 At least 35 people were injured in the refugee camp of the capital Nicosia. It is said that about 600 men took part in the brawl. Migrants of multiple nationalities are said to be involved. Steel beams and stones are said to have been used as weapons. It is unknown what prompted the fight. Currently, almost […]

EU gives Bosnia and Herzegovina 3,5 million euros

Read 23 The umpteenth 'throw the money' game of the European Union. Bosnia and Herzegovina receives the aid package because a migrant camp has burned down. In April 2020, Bosnia and Herzegovina also received 4,5 million from the EU. Purpose of the aid package: “to provide assistance to vulnerable refugees and migrants facing a humanitarian disaster in […]