General sets up Wehrmacht to protect whites against the white genocide

What you NEVER hear about in the media… General sets up Weermacht to protect whites against the white genocide Anyway, where were we… While at the moment in South Africa, after the arrest of former president Jacob Zuma for corruption, total anarchy has erupted , the infrastructure is broken and the shops are empty, […]

Massacres of white farmers up 26,8%

According to statistics from Farmers' Organization TAU SA, 2020 farmers were slaughtered on their farm or yard during farm attacks in 71.

A raise!!!


It is not a demonstration, there is no organization, there is only an invitation to connect and unite, which is our irrevocable human right…. while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee.

Are you demolishing our city? Then we will demolish you!

Are you demolishing our city? Then we will demolish you! Know that the government wants to unleash a shock wave of horror through the people watching TV. Burning a police station and then blaming protesters. Know that the government has SELF paid rioters loot phone shops. This video of the looting of […]

TRIPLE FARMMURDER and five farmers in three days

Triple ranch murder in Bishopstowe, South Africa.

On Monday December 14, 2020, at approximately 18.00 p.m., Glynis de Bruin and her elderly father Colin Schwegman were chopped to pieces with a panga in their farm during dinner.

Child abuse in Belgium due to lockdown doubled

Reports of violence, abuse and child abuse have risen in recent months. This is evident from figures from the Belgian helpline 1712.
'During the lockdown, people sit with their partner and often the children for almost 24 hours a day,' says Meron Knikman, chair of the Women's Council. 

Gardeners devastated by twisted flowers, support them!

In these dire times we have to take care of each other!
On the website you will find an overview of all nurseries and farmers in the Netherlands who have their sales “along the way”.

A nice flower from the nursery or a bag of potatoes directly from the farmer.

Let the hell break loose

Because one won't wake up sooner. AND FUCK THE FIREWORKS BAN! NO PYRO, NO PARTY !! FIREWORKS ARE PART OF IT. Earlier today, Feyenoord players called on social media to come to De Kuip in Rotterdam with fireworks and torches. And so many people have responded. No words but deeds. 700 […]