SPOT 'EM GOT 'EM: Spot the symbols with which 'they' mock you

Freemasons, Free Masons, Illuminists, Satanists, Kabbalists, Luciferians believe that by scattering as many symbols as possible, certain energies are generated in the world, on earth, among the masses. This is necessary to lure their 'Messiah' through a rainbow to the Third Temple in Israel.

A loving and concerned nurse

Read 37 This text below is from Leslie, a nurse. A cry for help to Rutte and the young. A cry for help for a little understanding and a little awareness of reality. Will it help anything? New! These psychopaths don't give a damn and at all costs stick to their task for the rollout of […]

KALERGI: Everybody's Bastard's Plan

The rich bankers, the billionaires, 'they', the 1%, the Elite, Deep State, Deep Pockets, Zionists, Free Masons.
We want to know their names!!
Lest we forget!

Oh THEY!!!! We want names!! UPDATE

Read 76 Oy, THEY!!!! We want names! 'The absolute state of things we have to live with. Who are responsible for that? THE CULPRITS The rich bankers, the billionaires, 'they', the 1%, the Elite, Deep State, Marxists, Zionists, Free Masons… We want names! Part 1: Barbara Specter With this knowledge we know no forgiveness! […]

Massacres of white farmers up 26,8%

According to statistics from Farmers' Organization TAU SA, 2020 farmers were slaughtered on their farm or yard during farm attacks in 71.

A raise!!!