De Andere Krant Podcast #2 – Truth seekers about Moderna and Dutch journalism

Read 1.218 De Andere Krant Podcast #2 In this podcast, 2 journalists from De Andere Krant tell about the general newspapers in the Netherlands, journalism as a revenue model and that the crisis is the remedy for the 10-year failure of Moderna. Guest in this podcast: Toine rongen:… Elze van Hamelen: Presentation: Niels Lunsing: /Nielslunsing […]

De Audiokrant edition 51 – Politics, graphene & connecting!

Read 1.616 De Audiokrant edition 51 Patricia Mensink tells in De Audiokrant that she was very satisfied with her last broadcast of AlwarenessTV. Economist Ad Broere was a guest and according to Patricia he was able to articulate very clearly the situation in which we ended up. An economic crisis is inevitable and that is why it is good to […]

The Audiokrant number 50!

Read 360 Rick Kuitems has made considerable professionalization with LNN media. The editorial staff has been expanded and there is now also an office in Hilversum where programs can be made. Rick talks passionately about the distortions in the news by the MSM. Outgoing Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge filed a report this week because of a […]

The undercurrent of society | The Other Newspaper Podcast #1

Read 517 The Other Krant Podcast will tackle topics about the increasing control and division in society. We also want to give space to the opposition, in order to provide more insight and information. Because we strive for freedom, truth, connection and a better world. Presented by: Niels Lunsing YouTube channel:  

De Audiokrant episode 49

Read 599 De Audiokrant episode 49 In the forty-ninth edition of De Audiokrant, Niels talks to Veerle Coulembier from Hart for our children, Tilasmi Frigge from YouTube channel De Ommekeer & Danny from CommonSenseTV. The latter was sleepy due to work on the website. Once engaged, an addiction. His apologies for that

De Audiokrant 48 – With a banging vaccination song

Read 27 In the forty-eighth edition of De Audiokrant I talk to lawyer Jeroen Sloendregt, journalist Elze van Hamelen & journalist Rico Brouwer. Jeroen Sloendregt is a lawyer and co-founder of the Burgerfront platform, which has been heard a lot since the corona crisis. In recent weeks he has been speaking at various places in the Netherlands to inform people about […]

De Nieuwe Tijd with Pieter Stuurman - Corona tickets

Read 144 The cabinet has recently decided that the 25 meter rule will come to an end from September 1,5. However, a corona admission ticket must be shown in many places; for example in the hospitality industry, cinema and theatre. To better interpret this situation, I asked writer and visionary Pieter Stuurman to share his vision […]