How do you protect your heart?

Read 755 Writer, emotion expert and self-love specialist Chantalle Kamycki was a guest on Radio Gletsjer and brought her 'Heart Defenders' with her. We all have these Heart Guardians, because we all suffer trauma. Trauma can be caused by big, dramatic events, but also by small things. Chantalle: 'You are born with full dedication as a baby and you […]

A news broadcast seems harmless but it is not

Read 1.158 Sanae Orchi was a guest on Radio Glacier to talk about her spiritual awakening, the tricks of the ego and the 5% of our consciousness that pretends to be the full 100%, the insights that plant medicines like ayahuasca have given her , and the media. She herself presented more than 1500 […]

QR is a game of dark forces

Read 318 Jean Freer, Gentille Boijmans and Jennie Rekers were guests at Radio Gletsjer to talk about the IBBO (Ik Ben Bewust Onderwijs). Alternative, spiritual education in which primary and secondary schools are intertwined. Also Port | Just Be Homes, not part of IBBO but affiliated with it, will be […]

The old world goes into the ravine

Read 12 Johannes Bloemsma of Nourishing Destiny was a guest at Radio Glacier to tell about the I-ching, the Nine Star Ki based on it, consciousness, the old world that is still very much around it, the new world that slowly manifesting, Yin and Yang, his experiences with Ayahuasca and […]

Truth seeker Fred Teunissen guest at Radio Glacier

Read 15 Fred Teunissen is founder of the popular website TransitieWeb and joined Radio Gletsjer to talk about the Akashic Chronicles, 5G, decentralization, the recently published book 'The Truth Is Out There', in which he contributes together with 17 other truth seekers. and his specialty: chemtrails. Fred is doing research […]

Saturn and Pluto caused corona

Read 18 'It's written in the stars' is a well-known saying, but it's more than a saying. Astrologer Judith Zeeman saw the situation we are in right now from afar. On Radio Glacier she tells that it is all the fault of Saturn and Pluto, who […]

Aliens are in the Bible

Read 4 Quinten Makkinje has been studying the UFO phenomenon and everything that goes with it for 25 years. He regularly goes out with other ufologists and holds special ceremonies (in which meditation plays a major role) to come into contact with flying saucers, orbs and extraterrestrial life. He was a guest on Radio Glacier, […]

There is life after and before death

Read 5 On the sixth day of the newest spiritual radio station in the Netherlands, Radio Gletsjer, spiritual therapist and energy worker Joke Nauta is a guest. In her practice De Libbensbeam (Frisian for 'The Tree of Life') she receives many parents with children, lovers with relationship problems, people who want to get out of the 'rat race', and people who find it difficult to […]