The Politics and the Mafia

The House of Representatives is not a place where the country is governed, but can be seen as the place where long-term job interviews take place. Anyone who follows politics a little has been able to conclude with some surprise that the greater the incompetence of a politician, the better paid are the positions he or she knows […]

Stop the Billionaires

The theory of the wappies is that the world is controlled and manipulated by a group of billionaires. This group is characterized by eagerness, lust for power and abuse of the people. In the words of George Carlin: “it's a big club and you ain't in it”. (1) The “conspiracy theory” in a nutshell: The […]

Examples of Propaganda

Anti-Semitic propaganda in WWI Anti-German propaganda in WWI (America had to be manipulated into war) Walruses fall from cliff due to climate change. Forest fires due to climate change Corona Pandemic Sometimes pictures say more than words… ..

Diederik Jekel deserves punishment

Do you also hate Diederik Jekel that much? Diederik Jekel appears to be a friendly, cheerful man, but inside he is a pernicious person because of his conscious cooperation in mass manipulation. Lockdowns will later go down in history as the greatest crime against humanity ever. All serious research has shown that lockdowns and keeping a distance are little to […]

You will own nothing!

By 2030 we will live in slavery and own nothing anymore! It is nothing short of astonishing that Mark Rutte can pass this message on to us and that the Dutch people ignore this information carelessly and without popular uprising. Rutte was already clear about his enthusiasm for the Build Back Better movement last summer. In practice […] means

Goodbye Albert Heijn

Goodbye Albert Heijn Today I said goodbye to the Albert Heijn. The shop that usually looks after the little ones has now decided to be especially careful not to let sensible people in. Their policy is to boycott and mistreat people for refusing a mask. Albert Heijn belongs […]

Apartheid under Sigrid Kaag

Apartheid under Sigrid Kaag's regime The chance that Sigrid Kaag will play an important or even leading role in politics is quite high. She has the right connections with the most influential agencies. Her resume is filled with all kinds of clubs that are affiliated with the New World Order. She also knows […]

What is the purpose of the Corona crisis?

What is the purpose of the corona crisis? Many people wonder how and why we ended up in this dystopia. In any case, it is not a deadly virus. The evidence is there for the taking that lockdowns are scientific madness. There are more than 20 studies available that lockdowns don't work. (1) Sweden and […]

Competition: New name for The Great Reset

Competition: new name for The Great Reset The terms World Economic Forum, Great Reset and Build Back Better have now been contaminated, awake people react like bulls to a red flag. Many countries are already suspicious of terms like Build Back Better. In the Netherlands Henk Krol asked about it, but Mark Rutte […]

Is Miquel Ekkelenkamp a psychopath?

Is Miquel Ekkelenkamp a psychopath? We should talk about Miquel Ekkelenkamp, ​​microbiologist and editor at Medisch Contact, a magazine for doctors. Miquel replaced Bert Keizer in this magazine in October 2020. Keizer was a sympathetic, erudite man with a sense of language and in everything the opposite of his successor Miquel. […]

Is the corona vaccine safe?

Are the corona vaccines safe? Many people are terrified of the corona vaccine, others are not concerned about anything. There are a number of considerations that can be taken into account in the risk assessment of the vaccine. It is evident that if the mRNA, which is a new technique, has been tested for only a few months, there will be no hard […]

Welcome to George Orwell's 1984

The new legislation regarding the testing of travelers on Corona makes it clear that we have ended up in a dictatorship that is surprisingly reminiscent of the book "1984". In the book the term double thinking is introduced (doublethink). Double-thinking is an activity in which two mutually exclusive thoughts can be considered correct and legitimate according to one's own morality […]

Revolution Through Blame: The Crisis Predicted.

The corona crisis predicted! A book review by S. de Roon In an interview in 2018, Rein de Vries indicated that a crisis or war would break out in the short term. And there he was, 1,5 years later, the predicted crisis. (last 10 minutes) The somewhat more critical thinking person now knows that […]

Buckle up for The End Game

Buckle up for The End Game By S. de Roon What the corona crisis has taught us: The End Game will take place in the coming years. Within a few months or years, the financial system will collapse and there will be a battle between Good versus Evil, Central Banks and the Pharmaceutical Industry versus The People. On […]

How the farmers are slowly killed off

How farmers are slowly being killed. It is often assumed that the Netherlands is run by our government. That is not the case, our government consists largely of puppets in the hands of influential groups including banks and the World Economic Forum (WEF). These two parties benefit greatly from less […]

Why should you trust the government?

Why should you trust the government? Many people feel that there is now something strange going on with the approach to the corona, it feels a bit inconsistent, the rules are constantly changing, it all seems a bit clumsy and not very useful. But hey, the government may sometimes make some mistakes, but everything […]