The mobile phone from friend to foe to spy device

The cell phone from friend to foe to spy device In 1973, Motorola inventor Martin Cooper succeeded in designing and manufacturing the very first cell phone. Given the costs, this was still reserved for few. Many people therefore rejected the device because it was large and clumsy, you […]

Conception, drugs and drug residues in the drinking water

Anti-conception, medicines and drug residues in drinking water The RIVM has investigated an increase in chemical and biological substances that pollute our drinking water, which do not belong in our environment and which were difficult to remove by current filter methods. Due to a strong increase in these substances, the water quality falls below a certain standard […]

The landslide

The landslide Marcel, I agree with you completely. About five years earlier I wrote a speech of approximately the same nature, then they knew nothing about Corona or Covid 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, etc. followed Café Weltschmerz and other news media that did not […]

Just this (De Jubelvaxxers)

Just this (De Jubelvaxxers) One of the most common misunderstandings concerns the mutual infections from person to person. An unvaccinated fellow citizen could infect the others with the Covid virus. You regularly hear that people who have had the vaccine feel inviolable and live in euphoria. They are horrified by […]


I have stopped watching television. We are inundated with commercials. That is clearly a VVD policy. To my question whether others mind that I got the answer, No, because then I can go to the toilet, grab a beer or cut a block of cheese or sausage. We do not realize that the advertisements us […]

The musical chairs

The musical chairs Wednesday 17 March 2021. 2nd chamber elections. The day on which the unsuspecting Dutch chose for their downfall. Having said this, my confidence in fellow citizens has fallen. Because some do not yet see the seriousness of the situation and just party. As it looks now, we will never hit the Corona again […]

Democracy or dictatorship?

Shit on the marble. Politicians cannot be trusted. With one hand they grab hold of power and with the other hand they grab hold of the greenhouse. I don't trust the Government. I don't trust the Army. I do not trust the Police and the Marechaussee. I don't trust the Boas. […]

The Covid 19 pandemic as a welcome player in the great political game of chess

The Covid 19 pandemic as a welcome player in the great political chess game I still believe that a conscious and mutated virus like Covid 19 has spread among the people. Klaus Schwab, of the World Economic Forum, the husband of, DAS VIERTE REICH, (the fourth industrial revolution), has made a deal with Mark Rutte. […]