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Then I still believed in something! (looking back)

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Dear reader,

To my great joy I came across a video of Pim Fortuyn as the newly elected leader of Leefbaar Nederland, I was here and from 1 minute 45 clearly with my wife in the picture, me in the front in a white turtleneck and my wife on my left, more than 20 years ago, Pim is no longer, just like my wife, my dream burst like a bubble, it has become clear to me that there are very few politicians who really want the best for us or even worth a look to award.

When I now look more than twenty years further, I see a Netherlands that was not allowed to be given back to the citizens, a Netherlands that in those more than twenty years has been completely sickened by politics, a Netherlands that deserves much better, but where the necessary people still opt for their ever thinning wallet, instead of voting in the interest of their country and as a result of which we are handed over to the wolves by these scammers such as a Mark Rutte!
Now again Afghanistan is regularly in the picture, just like then and I was strongly against that we should interfere with the problems of a Muslim country, all those meddling with a completely different culture have only brought us bitter fruits , because these were dirty games of interests, Afghanistan had already been occupied before by the Soviet Union that could not support it and the alliance of the US and EU countries, as it now appears clearly not either.
The EU politics is just one dirty dirty gang of scammers, we as citizens are just being lived, the corona lie still keeps many people ignorant and hostage in fear, the disguised vaccination urge / coercion makes people who get through this dirty game into second class citizens and the disgusting hyenas from the Rutte clan are giving off their scent flag everywhere, by no means intending to allow anything that resembles democracy!
They may be resigned, but this status only suits them to be able to do the next trick for us as citizens.
It makes you despondent, the censorship hangs like a thick blanket over our country, is this still freedom in which we live, where a schoolmaster plays a minister and keeps us from medication because there is no longer a patent, I do not opt ​​for a vaccination , which is the same as Russian Roulette, because it makes us guinea pigs, if we go along with this madness and who has regularly read the necessary on CommonSense TV about this subject, they can still add a lot to this!
There are still a few bright spots to be found on this site, whether you agree or not, I believe that an Alternative Constitution and a binding referendum could get us into a different boat, with new elections we shoot little use, people in a fear psychosis due to a so-called A status virus leads to a Rutte 4us, so that we get into the rain from the rain, so you never get anything really other than that Brussels pull doll!
The Netherlands deserves better, here's the man who was not awarded to keep the Netherlands, listen again carefully what he said here:
Chris Collard.
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