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That's bad luck! Webshop gone!

It is not made easy for you if you have a different opinion. Censorship is getting normal. Upload this video from Vernon Coleman just for fun on an empty channel that you create. 

The video will be deleted instantly AND you will immediately receive a strike and a weekly ban. And now it was the shop's turn.

Vanished! As if the shop never existed.

An email from Spreadshirt, the intermediary, from scratch:

"We inform you that your store and your account has been closed." (see mail below)

The reason?

Community Standards and T&C.

We call:


Since we don't get a concrete answer, we think this is pure censorship.

Otherwise you will get an answer what you did wrong.

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So little is left. But yes, we are not going to put Google ads on the site.

Incidentally, respect for Robert Jensen that he only continues to do this with his clothes and the donations.

I don't like those people who call Robert Jensen a money maker by selling clothes. those people have no idea.

It is very difficult to keep your head above water. He too could have done a lot more to create more income. Like us. GoogleAds, affiliating with multinationals. Then you have a fixed basis of income for the site. But then you see advertisements on CSTV that we do not support at all. Face masks advertising for example. Or multinationals.

Robert doesn't either. Not even advertisements from people from the grassroots. Then you consciously leave money because of your principles. And that is to be praised. That had to get out. I don't know Robert personally.

In December I enthusiastically promised that within a few days we will launch a video site a la YouTube.

That was 7 weeks ago. Luckily not much happens in the world ...

I will be writing fewer articles for the next week. I have already made this intention many times to focus on the new website and video site. Now we also have to find an alternative for clothing. Selling clothes is fun and we all benefit from it. You are supported and people get something nice in return.

Because we are stubborn and want to do everything ourselves (so that we are not dependent on anyone), we started this website with 0 experience. We have now become handy with it. Especially Jerro. So we'll use the next week to wrap things up.

As CommonSenseTV we started with a video channel and that channel has to be back. It was a great success and a combination of a news / opinion site with its own video channel is fantastic. We host the videos ourselves as much as possible. The bandwidth has been purchased and we're pretty sure the video channel will be a success.

Mail from Spreadshirt

An email from Spreadshirt, the intermediary, from scratch.

Community guidelines:



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