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Bailiff delivers letters to politicians, civil servants and telecom companies

A bailiff delivered letters to the directors of KPN, T-Mobile and Vodafone-Ziggo last month on behalf of 3.349 participants in the 5G campaign of the National Bond against Government Affairs. Politicians and officials have also received letters. The documents tell them that they will be held personally liable for tort if they do not stop the rollout of 5G. They will soon receive a second batch of letters.

"This is the moment to which we have lived for half a year", says Jordy Zwarts, president of the Bond. The 5G promotion started at the end of September last year. The campaign was expected to close in January. Zwarts hoped that at least 1.000 to 1.500 people would participate in the action, but was overwhelmed by a much larger amount of applications.

The number of 1.500 was reached within a week. In total, 8.300 people seem to have joined the action. That would be a very high number if it were correct. However, this is not likely, partly because some have signed up for the promotion several times. The Bond is still working on putting data files in order.

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Hold telecom providers personally liable with an obligation including a daily allowance of a maximum of € 2.000 per day. In addition, hold politicians and civil servants personally liable with a penalty.


Facebook page National Bond Government Affairs:

People who still want to join the 5G promotion can do that here. to do.


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