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Ban European mass demonstration Berlin? That was not so smart!

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If it was the intention of the thugs in the German government and in the Berlin Senate to intimidate and split up the new popular movement by banning the freedom demonstration next Saturday, then they have completely miscalculated. As far as can now be seen, the opposite is the case, because you can hear from many throats: Only now for real!

And anyone who has wondered so far what good such a massive demonstration in the German left-wing capital actually has; whether men and women should really walk the streets with people who have completely different ideas and goals in mind - the SED / SPD Senator Home Affairs Andreas Geisel has announced with his announcement of a ban and the threat of police brutality as well as the reference to the defense of the “system” uses plain language.

So Saturday in Berlin it is no longer primarily about the critical response to a medical threat that could one day probably be classified as “Fakedemic”. And it is no longer about the maximum political abuse of multimedia-fueled fears and concerns of millions of now forcibly masked people and many ruined lives. It is now a matter of defending the most basic democratic human rights and nothing less than our freedoms as individuals and as a people. In this defense, no compromises should and cannot be made, not even dirty ones.

Who should these compromises also be made with? With liars, who still say and write that on August 1, 2020, only 17.000 would have demonstrated in Berlin? With unscrupulous fear mongers, who exorcise a “second wave” of the virus, while all the facts speak a completely different language?



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