Barcelona protesters chase police away and oppose lockdown and fake media

Last night it was hit in Barcelona and Tarragona.

The people are SILLY!

  • Catering closed
  • Curfew 22:00 pm
  • Mandatory masks
  • No smoking within 2 feet of a third
  • Lockdown
  • During weekends, people are not allowed to leave the municipality
  • THE EVER LYING MANIPULATING MEDIA (a very big topic in Spain at the moment).


The country is going completely to the * te, just as popularly.

People are fed up with those irrational measures that cause so much damage and that was reflected last night, also after the ridiculous curfew, in Barcelona and Tarragona.

These protesters standing up are not radical groups. There will be a few things in between. Yet the media, such as El País, write for the sake of convenience only “extreme right”. Crazy people are going to hate you, isn't it? Put entrepreneurs and people who stand up for their fundamental rights in the extreme right corner. This corrupt media will start to pay the price. (source)

“People from the hospitality industry, the world of aesthetics, gyms and nightlife, among others, had gathered to demonstrate and not let themselves be chased away. They have been badly affected by the closures announced by the Generalitat. ”, (source)

We are against violence. Most Dutch are against violence. Most Spaniards too. These are entrepreneurs. But when the government continues to take away everything you have built in your life, there will come a point when you take action. What have you got to lose? In a few months, the government has taken from you everything and everything you have ever built and had. And for President Sánchez you as a person are nothing more than a doormat.

If no one is listening? If Sánchez continues with these crazy measures and ruins human lives? What do you as a people still have to do? What to do if you are a peaceful person and someone slaps you for the 10th time? Then you hit back once. And that happens in Spain and in many other places in Europe.

Dutch policymakers are lucky that the Dutch are so civilized. And those people are still dismissed as crazy people and terrorists. Patience is running out here too ...

See the images that speak for themselves:

Police flee from protesters:

Chaos in the streets of Barcelona

Police are pelted with fences and other projectiles:


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