Club Kristen out of the room!

Club Kristen out of the room!

In my books I distinguish between Christians and Christians, between Jews and nefarious and between Muslims and Muslims.

The lowercase groups are reprehensible hypocrites, who might just as well be called psychopaths.

Just take the christians. These are the guests who grab during the church service from the collection bag (ponkje in Frisian) that goes around during the service. Kristen on the edge donates a mint. Such guests prefer to sit in front of the church with a straight face. Outside of that they cheat their fellow human beings wherever they can. Similar to the christians are the nefarious and the mislims. Unfortunately, there are far too few of the three with a proper capital letter.

Why this curious run-up? Christians (with ch as chromium and chrysanthemum) would act and react completely differently than most Christian party members who are difficult to call representatives of the people. Here are just a few newspaper quotes:

= Omtzigt describes irregularities around the party leader elections, feels 'put in front' when Hugo de Jonge resigns as party leader in December and he also suspects illegalities surrounding party donations

= Party members were also explicitly asked during the application procedure for the electoral list whether they supported Omtzigt. If so, they were given a lower place on the list, say various CDA members who have emailed Omtzigt about this.

= Other CDA members would wear Omtzigt as 'unstable', call him 'bastard and wretch'. It is unclear who exactly those curses come from. The memo also contains an app conversation in which Omtzigt's personal election poster is mangled by a CDA member: "Focking jerk with those Nazi posters." End of newspaper quotes.

The supporters are concerned about the course of the CDA and rightly so. After Omtzigt, counted out in Twente, took four months to recover, Wopke Hoekstra started to change course. How about democracy? The 10% increase in the minimum wage (as stated in the election program) can apparently be undone by one Kristen (Hoekstra). This is apparently political, we have called this democracy for decades and it always remains under- or completely unexposed in the servile mass media.

But psychopath Hoekstra reacts like this: "Memo Omtzigt is very annoying and also really damaging" Are these reversals symptomatic for the CDA, or could this be widely supported politically? The latter seems the most likely.
'People are all called by name,' the Frisian Pharisee also notes. Do we find it normal that petty dog ​​barkers and Hitler mustache goons should be protected and that the person who wanted to drag the Demmink case out of the cesspool, who wanted to hide the real causes of the downing of MH17 and the allowance affair together with Renske Leijten after many obstacles (top civil servants already knew about this since 2017!!!) should accept a position elsewhere? From the first two cases, Pieter has been removed from higher ranks by cockroach shit shitting bosses.

The sincere Christian representative has not only brought hope and some money to the aggrieved parents, but is even more important politically. He is not only the flaming gunpowder in the KDA barrel (C is taboo for these anti-Christians), but indirectly much more important: the impetus to dismantle the entire political system. A system where the few decide and sell the election promises. A system in which voters are deceived, prominent party members are silenced, parliamentary discipline is strangling and jobs are divided among themselves at all levels (politics, judiciary, top civil servants, directorates of (semi) government institutions).

Faith does not belong in politics, where church and state should be separated. We can miss hypocritical believers, certainly politically, like a toothache.

Pieter, possibly together with Renske, is extremely suitable to function within a real democratic, democratic system with AS as spearhead number 1. Without knowing him, Omtzigt seems to me to be a Christian, but nothing in politics is certain.

The end of the current undemocracy can be started by clubbing all Christians out of the Chamber (politics). And mind you, they are everywhere, so also in (the top of) all other parties, including refo Rutte, just to expose one. Once the Christians have been discharged, the nefarious and the nefarious will have to follow in quick succession.

Rients Hofstra.

Rients' books are HERE to find.

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