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Baudet and Lockstep

At the beginning of June, Baudet gave a flaming speech about Lockstep, about the scenario of a global pandemic, the approach of the government during 3 years and its aftermath.
Lockstep was an accurate prediction of the future from 2010 that came from The Rockefeller Foundation. To date, the scenario is eerily going exactly as predicted.
Who are the Rockefellers really and how can they predict the future so well or let the future unfold as they see fit?

If we can believe Wikipedia it is Purpose of the Rockefeller Foundation “promoting the well-being of humanity around the world”. A certain sense of irony cannot be denied to the Foundation.
The Rockefellers are among the top of The Elite and according to conspiracy theorists, the goal of the elite is not the well-being of humanity but one World Government, also called New Word Order or Lateral World Order. They are after a kind of communist regime in which the people must continue to work under the authority of the elite. One of the goals of the world order is also to disarm the entire world, so that there is no longer any possibility for real opposition.

The exact value of the Rockefeller Foundation is not fully known, but estimates indicate that they are hundreds of times more wealthy than Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos or Soros, who are no small boys financially either.
The Rockefellers obtained their wealth with initially olie, then with banking and later with pharmaceutical industry.
Standard Oil was founded in 1870 by JD Rockefeller. In 1911, the company was mandatorily split into, among others, Mobil, Exxon, Chevron AMOCCO. The Rockefellers retained ownership and later acquired Texaco and Gulf. (Shell belongs to the Rothschilds and the Oranges.)
In 1913, the Rockefeller Foundation was established to avoid a lot of taxes, but to keep control over their assets.
In 1913, the Rockefellers were also involved in founding the Federal Reserve, which helped them control the dollar money printer.
The Rockefellers founded important organizations such as Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group and G30. These organizations were again a continuation of Society of the Elect and the Round Table Group (founded by Cecil Rhodes).
The members of the CFR and TC are all people of influence such as bankers and CEOs. Many politicians are also members and these organizations are a breeding ground for both the Republicans and the Democrats. The directors of media such as NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, NYT Washington Post and many others are also CFR members. With the CFR, therefore, a large part of the media and politics is under the control of the Rockefellers. Many US presidents and prominent figures such as Soros, Kissinger and Brzezinski have been members of CFR or TC and they can be seen as an extension of the Rockefellers. They implement the policy so that the Rockefellers themselves do not have to get their hands dirty right away.

The CIA was also founded by the Rockefellers and both the CIA and MI6 are based in the Rockefeller Center in New York. The CIA is partly funded with drug money from Afghanistan. In addition to doing noble business, the CIA has also been involved in many coup d'états around the world and supports terrorist movements such as Al Qaeda. She also conducts research into forms of brainwashing such as MK-Ultra. The almost canonized JF Kennedy was not a CFR member, but he had included many CFR members in his cabinet. When Kennedy got into trouble with the CIA and wanted to print state money, he was assassinated shortly after, possibly by the CIA.

The course of world history is often determined more by the financiers of war than by generals. In World War II, Hitler was financed by Bush, Harriman and IG-Farben, among others, who are all linked to the Rockefellers. Among other things, the Rockefellers gave IG Farben the technical knowledge to make oil and coal and synthetic rubber. IG Farben also benefited from war to spread their patents and associated patent laws as much as possible around the world.
Japan was not supplied with oil by the Rockefellers for a long time during World War II. This created an anti-American sentiment in Japan and the desired attack by Japan on America came about through the attack on Pearl Harbor.
With these methods, Germany, America and Japan were manipulated into the war. War requires war material and money has to be borrowed in favor of the elite. Partly because of this, the debts of the countries involved with bankers such as the Rockefellers would rise. Chase Manhattan, a Rockefeller bank, also made money by confiscating Jewish property during the second war.

After the war, the repayment of the debts had to be adequate. For this purpose, the IMF was established in Bretton Woods. Most IMF presidents come from the Trilateral Commission, founded by the Rockefellers. After the fall of communism, the IMF also lent a lot of money to Russia so that it would also come under the influence of the elite.

The Marshall Plan after World War II was invented by the Council on Foreign Relations. With the Marshall Plan another loan was taken out and participating countries had to come up with a common European plan. One of the plans was to transfer more power and sovereignty to the League of Nations. The League of Nations was a failure and that is why it has become the United Nations.
The United Nations consists of the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council, the International Court of Justice, the Secretariat, Trusteeship Council, the Security Council, UNESCO, the World Bank and the WHO. All institutions where the Rockefeller Foundation has a considerable finger in the pie. Rockefeller, for example, donated 7 ha of land for the UN headquarters in Manhattan.

The International Development Advisory Board (1951) chaired by the Rockefellers determines what programs for developing countries look like. On the one hand, it was possible to earn money from the arms race, on the other hand from the technological development of Russia. Among others, JP Morgan Chase, one of the banks of the Rockefellers, has made a lot of money from it. Many Russian state-owned companies were sold by Yeltsin after the fall of communism to Jewish oligarchs who have contact with the elite of the West.

Books by, among others, Carrol Quigley (Tragedy and Hope), P. Shafer (Turning of the Tides) and Antony Sutton (Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler) but also agencies such as the Reece Committee  revealed in the 60s the truth about how power really works and that the elite are pushing for one world order. The Rockefeller Foundation has been involved in promoting a collectivist world state in schools and universities during that period, and has been found guilty of doing so.
However, because almost all media is in the hands of the elite, these kinds of sounds that revealed the truth could slowly but surely fade away. They were simply banned and ignored on television and universities and with that it largely disappeared from consciousness. For example, the Rockefellers founded the General Education Board. Hundreds of millions of euros are donated annually via this organization to universities, with which they determine the content of the teaching material. The American Historical Association, The American Economis Association and the Amerian Medical Association, among others, are indirectly influenced by the Rockefellers. That is also why doctors know nothing about nutrition and economists know nothing about the Austrian school.

The above is only a brief summary of how the Rockefeller Foundation determines the course of history or the perception of history. It does make it clear that it not the virus or it's OMT that determines whether we will get a lockdown next winter. It is the elite that are after world power and are considering whether they still see the benefit of lockdowns in order to transfer more power to the EU and towards a New World Order.
You can assume that people like Wim Duisenberg, Nout Wellink or Klaas Knot know very well how the world of the Rockefellers really works, but play along. However, Hugo de Jonge cannot be trusted with this information from the elite's point of view. He may actually believe he can beat the virus and get a new pair of shoes and a few grams of cocaine if he manages to sell off enough vaccines.

When the world power is finally established, there will be a small group that pulls the strings. The people will then be granted a defined right to exist, in which the selection of the inhabitants of the earth takes into account their productivity, entertainment value and the degree of pollution.
Incidentally, it is not inconceivable that a certain power struggle also takes place within the elite. It is not entirely clear who will ultimately win the Game of Thrones; a Rockefeller, a Rothschild, or perhaps Xi JiPinky and The Brain. Someday He/She or It will reveal itself.


(Courtesy of Rein de Vries, Revolution through Debt) 

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