Baudet during National Conservatism Conference: "The EU is a formless and ugly monster!"

Baudet was invited to speak at a conference on "National Conservatism" in Rome.

In the stately Grand Hotel Plaza Monday, Monday and yesterday, conservatives from around the world spoke about God, honor and country. Among the speakers the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Thierry Baudet and Giorgia Meloni. (source)

The foreman of Forum for Democracy participated in a forum discussion about the "Imperial Europe". He advocated the nation state during his actions and pointed to the danger of the European Union.

"UGLISH is part of the European project, so I think the defense of BEAUTY should be part of our conservative message." He pointed out the beauty of the classic hotel where the conference was being held.

He also said he was very happy with the National Conservatism Congress.

"This is THE way to arm ourselves against the leftist press that wants to tear us apart."

Also Giorgia Meloni of Brothers of Italy was present at the Congress.

For those who don't know Meloni yet, read this article:

Right-wing conservative Meloni: "I am Giorgia and I am unstoppable!"

Meloni believes that Orbán is one of the few leaders who understands that being a member of the EU should not mean that you have to surrender your independence as a country: "Hungary is defending their sovereignty over the EU, which is trying to curtail all nation-states."

Marion Marechal from the French National Front and Meloni yesterday along with Viktor Orbán and editor Douglas Murray of the magazine 'Spectator'.

Meloni praises Orbán for being a champion of family values ​​and fighting against the domination of Islam. The Hungarian, in turn, has been supporting Matteo Salvini's Lega Nord for years.

Brothers of Italy is an ally of Salvini and therefore Viktor Orbán thought it was important to sit down with Meloni. Orbán posted the short message on Facebook: 'All roads lead to Rome'"

We will post it as soon as there are images of the speech.

Source Orbán in Italy:

Meloni speech:

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