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Baudet (FvD): Lock Step, Great Reset, Build Back Better. “We want answers now!”

“Lock Step, Great Reset, Build Back Better. “We want answers now!”

Chris Collard just contacted me to point out an important video. An interview between Thierry Baudet and Flavio Pasquino.

A look back at the contribution of Thierry Baudet (FvD) in which he clearly shows that he thinks broadly like many of us. Or perhaps better said: He sees it. Maybe not everything, but we don't know everything either. We must seek the real truth together, but in broad terms it is clear. People like Schwab say it publicly themselves and make no secret of it.

When it comes to Klaus Schwab, the WEF, Build Back Better and the Lock-step scenario, it turns out that Thierry is very well informed. And more politicians in Europe and the US are standing up.


Thierry Baudet has regained my trust because I think that all this conflict in his party, however difficult it may be to work with him, is partly because Thierry Baudet actually has ideals about how he likes to see the Netherlands in the future and now also publicly denounces the falsely called “conspiracy theories”. That has major consequences for him.

He is taking a step that few people dare to take because he will now undoubtedly be completely burned out by the media and dismissed as a conspiracy theorist by politicians. It seems to me that you do not do that if you have integrity.

Maybe I'm falling for it for the 2nd time, but he now calls things as they are and seems to actually join the freer media and citizens' initiatives. He also clearly shows, in my eyes, that he sees what we see.

All right, listen for yourself. Everyone can have their own opinion, but this is a very good interview. They can't do anything in politics, but they might generate the energy among the people to change this system and expose it all.

The following text is below the video of BLCKBX

Recently Thierry Baudet gave an ominous speech in the second room about the Lockstep Scenario.

A 2010 Rockefeller Foundation Pandemic Scenario that meticulously names or better predicts what is happening in the world right now, how citizens are being frightened and governments are becoming increasingly totalitarian. A prelude to the Great Reset, the wet dream of Professor Klaus Schwab, the WEF foreman who, together with world leaders,

NGOs such as the WHO, the UN and the captains of industry are rolling out a new social contract between citizens and government called "Build Back Better".

But what exactly is the Great Reset? And why are all leaders including Mark Rutte and our king BBB shouting?

Parliamentary debate

FvD asked for a parliamentary debate but received no support because according to some MPs it was a waste of time to debate a book.

However, Klaus Schwab's book is not a novel but a real roadmap for the future and our leaders are committed to this but are not transparent what this means and what it means to us… according to the WEF that is "You'll own nothing and will be happy" won't own anything anymore but you will be happy.

A petition with more than 40.000 signatures ensures that this debate about the Great Reset is held in the autumn, but of course we will not wait for that.


Program maker Flavio Pasquino talks to Thierry Baudet about the Lock Step Scenario, the Great Reset and the Build Back Better mantra…what could be meant by it, is it perhaps just a very good plan or should we be worried and why do people want it? especially not about it?

Not a story in itself The Rockefeller Foundation's Lock Step Scenario is not a story in itself. In recent years, more remarkable documents have been circulating such as the “Spars Pandemic” scenario about a killer virus that will affect the world in 2025 to 2028.

But Event201 can also be called exceptional and the Build Back Better movement or knowing, the mantra that is spoken by all kinds of world leaders and influential people as an unambiguous slogan whose mission we do not know. Investigative journalist Harry Vox made a video about the Lock Step Scenario in 2014 and we showed part of it in Thierry's broadcast.


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So, a little advertising for Flavio is more than deserved!



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