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Part of the text from an art. of

New Afghan refugee flow in the making

The essence

Will there be another Afghans refugee crisis?

The germs are present. Since the Americans left the country, the Taliban has been advancing at lightning speed. Many Afghan civilians are preparing to flee. To neighboring countries, Turkey, but also to Europe.

Will there be a Turkey deal for Afghans?

Europe certainly wants that. The question is whether Turkey still wants to and can. The people are grieving and the opposition is breathing down Erdogan's neck.

Will Belgium soon see more Afghans coming?

That remains to be seen. However, Belgium is popular with Afghans, especially with unaccompanied minors.

However, Belgium is popular with Afghans, especially with unaccompanied minors.

However, Belgium is popular with Afghans, especially with unaccompanied minors.

However, Belgium is popular with Afghans, especially with unaccompanied minors.

and no, this is not a typo or a cut/paste error, I just wanted to let it echo through and then make yourself think about that text in combination with a short art. from 2019.

A very short art. It would rather fall under the mentions category, which I don't think really made the World Press¨.

More than 400 refugee children disappeared without a trace in Belgium

© Pixabay

In Belgium, 427 refugee children have disappeared without a trace from Fedasil reception centers, according to new figures from Missing Children Europe and Child Focus.

It is estimated that more than 30.000 minors who arrived among the refugees who have arrived in Europe are missing, with authorities and police forces seemingly overwhelmed by the phenomenon.

The 'Missing Children Europe', the European Federation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children, states that most missing children disappear just before or during their asylum procedure. They are not always adequately cared for and due to the slow and complex procedures, many children disappear, reports the RTBF .

In the past, it was often assumed that when minors disappeared from the radar, they had simply continued their journey or attempted to join their families in another country. However, the reality is often that these children are victims of exploitation, even in so-called 'safe havens' such as Germany, the United Kingdom and Sweden.

“There is no classification system for disappearances”, says Stephan Smets, the COO of Child Focus Belgium, who provides data for the statistics supplied, the RTBF reports. “The 427 migrant children we have no news of are being analyzed with the same rigor as the hundreds of other disappearance cases currently being processed,” he added.

“The problem with the disappearance cases of so-called 'migrant children' is that these files are difficult to stamp because they are spread over a long period of time,” says Smets. “They arrive in Europe, are registered and one day we are told that the support services have lost track of them,” he added.

As long as there is still a lack of organization between the EU Member States, the data collected from different countries will not be comparable. In practice, this means that there is no official record of the exact number of missing refugee children, or what happens to them after they disappear.

Missing Children Europe stressed the importance of cross-border cooperation and systematic and coordinated exchange of all data on missing children, in order to clarify procedures.

Maithe China
The Brussels Times

Child abuse in Belgium due to lockdown doubled

HOLOCAUST and child abuse with the de Jonge brothers

¨In 2013 and 2014, the EU registered 15.846 victims of human trafficking, probably the tip of the iceberg. At least 2.375 of them are children, but this number is probably higher in reality.¨

See how the misdirection works!


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