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Will you be a hero? Or a shame for your family and posterity?

Will you be a hero? Or a shame for your family and posterity?

It will become clear which side you are on during this revolution that is underway and will begin to express itself from Sunday.

Friends or no friends. Are you betraying us? Then you are not a friend! You have one more chance to realize what is at stake here


NSB, Sound too intense?

Do not think we are out for violence. That we are extremists! We are not! We are peace-loving people who see what's going on and fight for our, but also your, freedom. Just got that through to everyone!

If that is what is going through your mind, it means that you have no idea what is in store for you and your children, and you have been sleeping and ignoring for almost half a year.

If you are still not awake and still do not understand what is really going on in the world around this created "corona crisis" then it is really high time.

- In other words, you have no interest in the truth, and you don't care how your children and grandchildren face a terrible future.

- In other words, you get stuck in the incredibly naive image that “it will be all right” and “We are very well off in the Netherlands”. Then you completely miss the point.

-Either you are the one who has an awfully big mouth without looking into it and thinks this is an opinion rather than where the world is really going.

-Or you are simply on the wrong side and consciously choose it.

Now you can still choose! This revolution is not going to stop anyone anymore. It's up to you which side of history you want to be on.

Civilians, police officers, politicians, doctors, specialists and military:
Choose us! Choose the people! Choose justice and democracy!

If not? The day will come when they come for you ... And your family and descendants are already ashamed of you! Make no mistake! This is the time!

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