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Behavioral instruction Museumplein >> Sample letter! Citizen front.

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Thanks to our regular reader Monique.

Behavioral instruction Museumplein >> Sample letter!

Did you receive a so-called 'behavioral instruction' during an event on the museum square? Download here the sample letter to destroy this legal act!

Did you receive a so-called 'behavioral instruction' during an event on the museum square?

Download here the sample letter to destroy this legal act!

Return your 'behavioral instruction' with the enclosed letter.

Sign as HUMAN; so only first name with ':' (colon).

Demonstratie Museumplein ontbonden, iedereen moet plein ...


Dear 'Public Prosecutor',

You have issued the accompanying behavioral instruction to the named person.

I am the only one who may act on behalf of said person. On behalf of the person, I will annul your legal actions on the basis of Articles 3:44 BW, 3:49 BW and 3: 50 BW, which invalidates this award.

If you believe that this person has caused serious damage to the company, just send a summons. During the handling of this case we can agree on, among other things, but not exclusively:

  • What EMERGENCY was there according to the EMERGENCY ORDER? There were doctors, nurses, former soldiers peacefully together. If you believe that this is done on the basis of a virus: The 'virus' has never been scientifically proven, in practice it has proven to be no danger and no pandemic. So: Where is the EMERGENCY?
  • Camera images clearly show that groups of people are peacefully together and that nothing is going on, after which they are aggressively dispersed by the police. In other words, 'Your' police are the aggressor and should be the one who should receive a behavioral instruction.
  • Why is there NOT an exaggerated police force in similar manifestations of other groups in society? Why are these not being scattered? This smacks of discrimination. In that context, it is interesting to read the appendix with statements from your 'colleagues'.
  • Your behavior order is in violation of a number of fundamental rights and other rights with which an emergency order MAY not be in conflict: including (but not limited to) 1 GW, 7.3GW, 9GW, 15GW, 94GW, ECHR 9, ECHR 10, ECHR 11, ECHR 14, ECHR 17, UDHR 1, UDHR 2, UDHR 3, UDHR 6, UDHR 7, UDHR 9, UDHR 11, UDHR 13, UDHR 19, UDHR 20, UDHR 30 ...
  • Etcetera, etcetera,

Moreover, the awarded has not been properly legalized, and therefore has no legal value whatsoever. I hereby state that the personal data was obtained under duress and error and I have clearly stated that I do not identify myself with this person.

In short: If you believe that this has caused extreme demonstrable damage to society, please send me a properly legalized letter so that I know who I can hold responsible for violating my rights.

You can expect a complaint about the police action and a cost invoice. I rely on a prompt payment.

(First Name):

Below just 2 of a rapidly growing number of statements:

My name is… and I have been working as a police officer in the force for over 10 years. I have decided to make a statement to this committee because the police organization is moving in a dangerous direction and there is no room for opposing views within the force. That process has accelerated since the corona crisis. In addition to working as an agent, I also work as an ME officer. It is actually impossible to do anymore.

We are constantly used against protesters. I say 'against' on purpose. We are no longer there to maintain order or make areas inaccessible, but to fight against peaceful protesters. The government has a monopoly of violence. This entails a high and heavy responsibility. It may be expected that order will be maintained with a minimum of violence. When protesters do not use violence, you as a riot police officer or officer do not use violence. You can remove peaceful protesters from a location by picking them up by the limbs with several colleagues to remove them from the location.

Appropriate force may be used in the event of resistance, but nothing more. You learn that during the training, that has always been the emphasis. The force is rapidly becoming militant. The instructions we receive remind me of my time as a professional soldier. I left the armed forces because there was too much emphasis on violence and combat techniques. I am convinced that the techniques that we are now taught as riot police come directly from military combat training. I cannot prove that, but the similarities are striking. We are instructed to act immediately with maximum force. When I see the police force responding in the media when questions are asked about the violence that the riot police are using, I know they are lying.

I was at the Malieveld on March 14th. The instruction was clear: escalate, act with maximum violence, set an example, send the dogs towards it, anyway, blows to the head. Hitting the head is a taboo in the training: hitting you do on the limbs, which at the most leads to bruises and bruises. Previously, when you hit the head, you had a big problem and you were put on hold as an ME person. Amnesty has asked questions about what they rightly call disproportionate violence applied on March 14. The Public Prosecution says that they should then file a report. But that is not Amnesty's job.

The Public Prosecution Service can independently investigate and possibly prosecute. The aim is to create a force where people who disagree with this disappear, through dismissal, declare incapacity for work or bully away. Bullying through humiliation and discrimination has been a problem since I joined the police force. At first that was incidental, now it is deliberate policy from the management. It is brewing within the organization. Everyone distrusts everyone. You distrust the colleagues, the management, the confidential advisers. You distrust yourself, because the constant instructions for violence and efforts against peaceful protesters put you under constant high tension, causing you to make mistakes, become anxious and out of control when things escalate. And it always escalates, the management consciously aims for that.

There is no secret of that either. Through violence and intimidation, the protesters must be brought under control and deterred from demonstrating again. The protesters are constantly behind the facts. By this I mean that they have now invented 'drinking coffee', for example. Quiet and peaceful with a cup of coffee on the Malieveld or Museumplein. 'When we sit down and drink coffee, the riot police do not use violence', is the thought. They have now found out that it no longer works like this. There must and will be escalated.

Journalists are no longer safe either, as was shown on 14 March at the Malieveld. And if we don't have to fear any criticism from anyone, it will be the journalists. The media is completely on the side of the government and the police. Just look at what such a reporter, John van den Heuvel of the Telegraph, writes. It's a joke. “Me-ers also have human rights”, he writes. Yes that's right. And they are not taken by the demonstrators or Amnesty, but by the police leadership.

Sad, very sad. Like many of the colleagues who stated at the BPOC2020, I am also looking for other work. Working for what I think is a criminal organization, that's what I do. I made my statement on March 17th. That is later than most of the colleagues who gave a statement to the committee. The committee has asked me and my colleagues for permission to publish my statement now, due to the topicality of the police brutality on the Malieveld on 14 March.

I would like to express my thanks to the committee here for the important work they are doing. March 2021 March 2021: Just like my colleagues, I have decided to give permission for the posting of this anonymous transcript for now.

* This statement was put in writing on the basis of the oral examination. Because transcription software has been used, there may be language and / or spelling errors, for which we apologize



I am… and I have been working as a police officer for 14 years. I have decided to tell my story at the BPOC2020 because politicians do not take the responsibility of investigating a totally hollowed-out, rotten and inhuman organization. The way people are talked about in the police force is appalling.

Dehumanization has been going on in the workplace for years. Dehumanization of detainees by treating them rudely and insulting them. By not giving them medical help or only very late, such as medicines when they ask for it. I am referring to detainees who have been arrested, have to spend the night at the station and have necessary medicines at home. It often happens that these people are without their medicines for days. Or civilians injured in their arrest. But also dehumanizing colleagues by means of bullying, ignoring them, complaining anonymously about them to the management, 'losing' possessions, or excluding them completely. Confidential advisers have no ear for this. They are there, but most of them are really a joke. Confidential advisers are there for the form, so that the management can make a good impression with the outside world.

Moreover, there are heavy leaks from these so-called confidential advisers. Since the corona crisis, it has increased rapidly. Protesters and people who do not follow the measures are the first target. You know the nicknames: wappies, aluminum hats, conspiracy thinkers. There are also coarser names within the organization. I apologize in advance for the wording, but I think it is very important that you have a complete picture. Names such as fattening wappies, corona cows, covid cattle, quibbles, corona guts (for women) and anti-ax souls. Young people are pokkepubers, lap swans, virus spreaders, bastard children. A colleague said of an 18-year-old young woman who we held at the station for a curfew violation that prevented her from showing her ID on first command, saying that he will "hit the bar for a while to teach her a lesson." This to the great pleasure of other colleagues.

The girl was present. It was nothing short of shocking and disgusting. Complaining about this as an agent in the management does not make sense. As a result, you also become a target of exclusion and bullying. When a detainee later submits a complaint about this, it is simply denied and the complaint is rejected. During demonstrations, officers film the action of the riot police. Then those videos go around in WhatsApp groups. They show colleagues laughing to each other.

The comments on those videos are scandalous. A woman with a bloody head said "they should have rammed until her skull was cracked like an egg." Discriminatory and sexist comments among themselves and to and about detainees have also been commonplace for years, also in WhatsApp groups. Now, of course, it is mainly 'wappies' that are the target. Colored people and women have no life when put in a police cell. They are called names and humiliated. Protesters are often put in a drunken cell all night. These are cells without a toilet, bed and sink. Recently a young woman who had been arrested during a demonstration gave if she could go to the toilet.

My colleague said they would "just sit in the corner on her squat carriage." Two colleagues joined us to 'enjoy the view'. The woman later soiled her pants. Then she was a 'whore'. I apologize for the language. But language use is a daily part of the problem, of dehumanization, of macho culture. Sexist comments to female co-workers have been common since I was a cop myself. I didn't call it a rotten and inhuman organization at the beginning of this interrogation for nothing. Sexism and discrimination are deeply rooted, and have grown rapidly towards protesters and violators of the measures since the crisis.

Everything that is going on now has a major impact on my life, on my well-being. My (external) therapist says that I have to report sick because I am not fit to work due to stress. But reporting sick raises questions for management. You will simply be called about that. They then ask directly whether you are against the measures or against the police action against demonstrators. The 'bad apples' have to be removed from the pipeline.

Those bad apples are not the colleagues who are participating in the dehumanization. Those bad apples are police officers like me. February 2021 March 2021: In consultation with the BPOC2020, I have decided not to publish the video images of my statement. This for security reasons. I declare here it is deeply sad that it is necessary at all that I have to tell my story in this way, through the BPOC2020.

* This statement was put in writing on the basis of the oral examination. Because transcription software has been used, there may be language and / or spelling errors, for which we apologize.

The language used in this interrogation has not been censored, partly at the express request of the interviewee, because it is an important part of the description of the culture within the police organization. BPOC2020


Citizen front:

Four police officers no longer accept police violence and police culture


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