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What, where possible, overlooked a lot or give no attention at all, is the fact that “people” such as Hugo de Jonge, Mark Rutte, Carola Schouten and Ferdinand Grapperhaus, to name just a few politicians, have all been raised Christian.

What I want to say is that they have all taken note of the Bible, the commandments in it and the way they should live, serving God and mankind, but if we look at what they really do now, then their way of life is completely different from service to the citizens of the Netherlands and then I speak very mildly here!

In contrast, there is a group of people who believe we have arrived in the end times as described in the Bible, who are firmly convinced that God has come to judge the living and the dead, whole pieces of text from the new testament of this collection of books have now become topical again among believers and conspiracy thinkers and then of course you have a large group of people who are only dead to death and believe in a virus, which determines with the thumb up or down who is allowed to live and who is not.

We clearly live in very bizarre times, in which lies reign and the absence of a divine power is clearly palpable. In the meantime, 16 people in the Netherlands have died from a vaccine, which should save the people and many thousands are already experiencing the side effects of that put together product, which is presented as the only possibility to get rid of that coronavirus, well those 16 people are indeed really rid of it, they will never get any more corona, that may be clear!

But the gruesome truth is, that this vaccination has only started very recently, and there is nothing to say in the long term of what these guinea pigs, who were given this to, will have to deal with.

In the most favorable name you could call it an experiment, but this vaccine will make people immune to the corona virus, well I have huge doubts about that, because that would be unique, because it is also against a virus like influenza to date not succeeded and since corona was already detected in Europe in the 60s of the last century, it is also very likely that many of us have been ill with this virus for a long time, assuming that we had the flu .

That also explains why 98% of the population will hardly become ill from this virus, but yes, 2% of more than 17.000.000 are many people.

Since the coronavirus and influenza virus are similar in many ways, that the percentage of fatalities is not very worrying and that a vaccine has never actually fought a mutating virus, it is high time to take a good look at the to look for alternatives and to scale down the disproportionate measures, because I am very curious on what grounds medication such as Ivermectin and HCQ in combination of zinc and a virus inhibitor should not serve as an alternative and that no use was made at all to people better protect against this virus through vitamins and a healthier lifestyle!

It seems clear to me to which church the Jonge, Rutte, Schouten, Grapperhaus and associates belong, people who believe in conspiracy theories have a clear point, the big problem we are currently facing is that these people are a lie. truth and with the help of the media have largely plunged the population into agony, when someone has been taught something wrong, it is all the more difficult to unlearn and when this takes place on a massive scale, it becomes very difficult to to rediscover the real truth, that is the situation we have arrived in.

The big plan behind it is what it's all about, ignorance also gives fear and fear is a very bad counselor, that's what makes people prisoners, passive and accommodating in the crowd, we can't blame these people for being here so go along, we cannot help these people, if they, as believers, stand in line for the vaccine that redeems them, we can only hope that they will gain insight in time and turn away from this madness, life simply consists of making choices, that includes wrong choices!

The only certainty we know in this life is that we will all die one day, sure!

Chris Collard.







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