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Beware: Fake-fake news

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It is well known that independent news and opinion sites are portrayed by governments and the mainstream media as spreaders of fake news.

A story must be sold and any dissent must be eliminated.

Even scientific studies, opinions of experienced and reputable doctors, immunologists, vaccine scientists, if it doesn't fit the bill, it should be censored.

Trolls are used to dismiss everything that is discussed and even proven on independent sites as nonsense. 'Fact checkers' (Reuters's, the most copied, don't make me laugh) are hired to dismiss the above findings as fake news.


Sometimes it's almost laughable.

Fox News' Tucker Carlson interviewed Dr. Robert Malone and the video was removed from YouTube. As well as a number of messages Dr. Malone posted on his twitter account. dr. Malone warns of some dangers associated with mRNA vaccines, believes that vaccine experiments should not be applied to children, believes that the government is not properly informing people about mRNA vaccines and believes it is a universal human right to decide whether a vaccine should be injected.

Well, that obviously doesn't fit in very well with the government story. So that should be censored!

But Dr. Robert W Malone is the inventor and patent holder of the mRNA technique.

Since the 80s, Dr. Malone has been researching vaccines and other healing methods that could make use of this technique. If there is in the world A If you're an authority on this technique, it's Dr. Malone.


But yeah:

you can fool some people all the time, 

you can fool all the people some time, 

but you can't fool all the people all the time!

The independent news and opinion sites are enjoying increasing interest worldwide. People are beginning to see that the story the governments are pushing them may not be the full story. Also on CommonSenseTV we try to inform our readers as correctly and honestly as possible. Often with researched facts and sometimes with opinions. We have no agenda to carry out. We have no orders.

That is up to the governments. They have already managed to remove us and many others from facebook and youtube. But we continue to proclaim the truth on our own websites. And they don't like that.

Recently, however, documents and videos have appeared that sometimes surprise us at CSTV. They appear to be confidential documents and images that imply that there are far greater conspiracies going on in the background than we suspect. There is a document circulating by Neil Ferguson (the Englishman of ranst/osterhaus) announcing from this summer that the whole of Great Britain will go into a complete lockdown. All up to the most extreme measures for the coming years are explained in detail in this document and discussed with his friends. Food for conspiracy theories, you might say.

I have placed the document at the bottom of this article for you to read.

I also came across a video in which klaus schwab spoke similar lines to the above Ferguson document. When I heard him talk I thought: Zozo, he quickly took an English course in his old age.

His Nazi German accent was almost gone.

But you've probably heard of Lippsynch. The original video was re-recorded, following the lip movements as much as possible, but with completely different lyrics. (Unfortunately I can't find the video anymore. Too bad because it was quite hilarious)


Two strange things. Now, suspiciousness is a strong character trait of mine. And when I started thinking about these incidents, I came to the conclusion that this too is part of government terror. They just fail to silence independent newscasters. And so they launch the attack in this way. They send fake news messages with 'evidence' into the world to make us think that there really are all kinds of absurd and extreme conspiracies. And if the people can then see that it turns out not to be true after all, then the regimes can further discredit the independent news sites.

We, who are labeled as the bearers of the fake news they declare,

so need to be on the lookout for fake fake news these days!






Spread the freedom!

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