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Partisan judges stop Boris Johnson

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Boris Johnson sent the Parliament home with the consent of the Queen.

But now the Constitutional Court has invalidated the Queen's consent. And with it the suspension of the Parliament.

However, the Constitutional Court is controversial and does not fit into the British Parliamentary tradition. The Court was only created by TONY BLAIR in 2009. The same man who previously opened up the borders of the United Kingdom.

The judges do not appear to be impartial. Just looking at the Liberal background of judges Brenda Hale and Mary Arden and her work for the EU Court of Human Rights.

So there is a good chance that the judges in question will get fired up in the short term by an angry majority of the British.

The strangest thing is that the case against the suspension of the Parliament went DIRECTLY to the Constitutional Court and thereby skipped the Court of Appeal. That is a VERY exceptional step.


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Boris Johnson

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