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Biden shows Iran that he can also bomb

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Biden shows Iran that he can also bomb

Bombardments of pro-Iranian militias in Syria this morning were neophyte Joe Biden's response to a series of Iranian provocations in the region. From a military point of view, the importance of the bombs is almost nil, but the symbolism is great.

According to the United States Department of Defense, the United States has destroyed multiple targets in eastern Syria, near the Iraqi border. At least 17 people would have died in those attacks, medical and other sources in Syria say. There is no independent confirmation about this. It is also not clear whether they would only be militiamen.

The US operation is a retaliatory action for those militias' attacks on US forces in the region. The militia targets that have been destroyed are said to have been used to carry out those attacks on American targets. Ten days ago, an American soldier was injured in one of those attacks in Iraq. The US also states that those militias are backed by Iran. Iran denies any involvement.


The Eastern Syria operation is the first US operation since Joe Biden is president. She is, according to the Department of Defense, a message from Biden that he will act to protect US troops and coalition forces.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin says he is certain that "we hit the right target". "And we're also sure that target was used by those same Shia militias that carried out the attacks."

Iran and Russia condemn the US attacks. "We call for unconditional respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria," said a response from the Russian Foreign Ministry.

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