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Big Tech launches massive coordinated attack on humanity

The Big Techs have launched an unprecedented coordinated cyber attack on President Donald Trump and his 74.000.000 million voters.

So much injustice… It affects a lot of people very deeply and we know exactly how that feels.

But what is he actually guilty of according to them? The man has never called for violence. Never a racist comment. However you are in it. Donald Trump and his supporters stand for a nonviolent society. They are the common people, but the swamp turns it into an upside-down world and all brakes are released.

They seem to be terrified of Donald Trump. They want to get rid of him already. They want to lock him up. We get to see the most silly things when it comes to Donald Trump. Is it because he knows something he's going to come up with that wasn't possible during his Presidency? Facts about Biden that cannot tolerate daylight, for example?


Or about Pelosi's laptop that was taken by the special forces in the Capitol?

It is guesswork, but the fact is that social media and the MSM are conducting a digital Blitzkrieg together with the Democrats. And that is remarkable because it is very thick on top.

They may seem to have it all. Money, power, the media, ignorant citizens… But what they don't have with them are the facts and the truths. And in America alone, 80 million voters see through that.

They assume that the majority of the world's population are sheep who accept everything indiscriminately. That they all fall for the “extreme right” story and do not see through this hypocrisy. But it is also seen that more and more people are waking up. It seems now or never to them.


Twitter permanently banned hundreds, if not thousands, of Trump supporters and prominent allies - before banning the president himself. Almost every account that helped promote the Stop the Steal rallies or challenge the election results was banned, including Ali Alexander, Michael Coudrey, General Mike Flynn, Sidney Powell and Lin Wood. Numerous smaller accounts backing the president were also being shelved at a seemingly constant pace.

The same has happened on Facebook and Instagram.

At the same time, Parler was warned by both the Apple and Google stores that if they didn't impose moderation on their free speech platform within 24 hours, they would be banned outright. Parler has since been removed from the Playstore.

Apple “warned” Parler in this arrogant way:

"We have received numerous complaints about objectionable content in your Parler service, allegations that the Parler app was used to plan, coordinate, and facilitate the illegal activities in the Capitol on January 6."

Parler Chief Executive John Matze responded to the threat by posting:

Apparently they believe that Parler is responsible for ALL user generated content on Parler. By the same logic, Apple should be responsible for ALL actions taken by their phones. Every car bomb, every illegal cell phone call, every illegal crime committed on an iPhone, Apple should be responsible for that too. ”

At 19.00 p.m. EST, it was reported that President Trump had officially joined Parler. It's currently unclear whether major tech pulled the trigger early, whether the site crashed due to buzz from new users hoping to hear from the president, or whether it was something sinister.

At 19:46 PM, Parler was banned from the Google Play Store.

You can still access Parler from your computer or browser.


BLM and Antifa

The videos circulating online showing that the doors of the normally hyper-secured Capitol were opened wide open are being ignored.

It's all Donald Trump's fault. Point.

This fact alone should wake up all of humanity. This stinks on all sides. To think that all of this happens spontaneously is naive.

It has been known from day one that far-left Antifa and BlackLivesMatter figures were also present in the Capitol (source) and that they are likely to have been the driving force behind this organized drama. (source) (source) Shifting blame to one side is anything but fair. The people who do it are responsible. No one more or less and one should concentrate on that.

But this too is ignored by the media, although they know it very well. Anything that doesn't work is ignored.

This is John Earle Sullivan. A BLM supporter who was present in the Capitol.  (source)

John Sullivan, the anti-Trump founder of the Utah-based Insurgence USA, said he entered the Capitol along with a crowd of pro-Trump protesters on Wednesday, but said he was just there to `` document. '' (source)

Speaking of ignoring ... the media has been tightening their jaws for more than 2 years while these terrorist organizations have been spreading death and destruction in the major cities of the Democratic States in America for more than 2 years, where they forcibly set up autonomous areas where Antifa figures armed guarded the border of the area. Police are not welcome and are under attack. All shops are being robbed. Houses and even police stations are set on fire. Do you have a different vision? Then you are no longer sure of your life.

They want to defun the police. In other words: Abolish. Replaced by an organization that must enforce their rules. The rules of a socialist world where there is no room for other opinions.

Everyone fell silent as police and civilians were oppressed, wounded and killed.(source) (source) (source)

The world is so polarized in black and white that it is easy to choose. It's not a left / right story. It's neither progressive nor conservative. This is Good against Evil.

Those who really want to watch will see it. And once you realize it, there is no going back and you pierce right through everything. It is so obvious.

But between Good and Evil are masses of ignorant citizens who are brainwashed by the media and tend to go along with these bizarre lies and sometimes stand tooth and nail to defend them. In fact, they often approve and don't seem to think a minute further about what this situation means for their future as well. They are being abused and incited and thus are part of the problem.

Cleverly done. Create chaos. Frustrating when you know that most of them would join “the good guys” they would be well informed. But they are not going to make it.

This attack is not only targeting Donald Trump and his constituents. It is an attack on humanity. An attack that is seen by people who can and dare to look further than what is presented to us by the media and politicians. And that group continues to grow and cannot shrink. As said: Once awake and you never sleep again.

Advantage: we now at least look Evil straight in the eye. The traitors are getting more and more faces. We know their heads. We know their names. From Kaag to Biden and from Soros to Zuckerberg. But we are going to win this. #WeThePeople.


When we heard this last night, the cursor in Twitter was already on “Close Account”. We would prefer not to stay on these platforms for another minute. Still, for good reasons, it is recommended by readers to stay a while. We will not act too quickly, but we will eventually have to move away from these types of platforms.

Mozilla Firefox also supports the attack on freedom of expression with bizarre ideas about what they think the Internet should look like. (source)

Mozilla's CEO Mitchell Baker


Murder in the anti-police paradise

Racial War in Minneapolis and Seattle. World news but the media is silent!

Fallen Antifa enclave in Portland


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