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Bill Cosby lucky man! However?

Bill Cosby lucky man! However?

Bill Cosby (popular doctor Cliff Huxtable on The Cosby Show) has been released after allegations of sexual assault and rape of quite a few women he drugged.

Free because of form or process errors, leaving behind a battery of traumatized women.
To avoid being accused of trivializing me: 'this man's behavior is purely criminal', but they were all adult women who wanted to make use of his fame (not his bed!). Perhaps not stupid women either, who should have known, or should have suspected, that they could end up on thin ice with Bill.

Bill nevertheless leaves jail a free man, without conviction for formal errors, not for proven innocence. Due to suspicious circumstances, the sense of justice is hit again and again when 'professionals' such as judges, public prosecutors or lawyers apparently make irreparable mistakes. Why not name and acknowledge the error and then fix it?

Sometimes the feeling persists that a mistake is made deliberately. As if there is an agenda behind it.
By thinking this way you feed the followers of the MSM and you are quickly called a conspiracy theorist. In itself a compliment, after all, the slavish MSM followers then recognize that people think, while they themselves let themselves easily think for themselves and act in line with it.

Worse in the context of sexual abuse is the centuries-old abuse within churches. Particularly within the Roman Church and many smaller sects, with the latest low point being the discovery of various mass graves of children's skeletons at Canadian Catholic real estate/bad. And always covered with the mantle of Satan. A motorcycle gang would have been collectively dismissed as a criminal organization with a tiny fraction of the number of religious victims, as a result of which each individual member is criminalized as part of a gang of crooks. The Catholic Church still gets away with it, with no convictions. No form errors are necessary!

But it could be even worse: pedo networks of unprecedented size. These are adults with a decent social status, most of them blackmailable by far. All connected in one way or another. Where Bill went wrong on his own and priests out of sexual frustration perhaps in a small circle atheistically regularly assaulted children who were bombarded with even worse hell and damnation if they talked, the current pedo gangsters can go about their satanic way. .

Because the biggest crime against childishness is committed by guests within the huge and most sickening worldwide pedo porn network.
Where Bill crawls free in his old unworthy day, the priests are covered with the mantle of unserious love, the porn network bosses are kept out of the wind by the elite who also hold sway in other vital posts.

Jeffrey Epstein was a top player in the pedo porn network when he was alive. He was arrested with compelling evidence. And then things started to go wrong, at least for the elite. After all, Jeff had an address book with many prominent names, including another Bill (Clinton) and Prince Andrew of the UK. (Any idea why the former Queen Victoria and the current Queen Elisabeth were pulled from their plinth in Canada?) That booklet is no more, neither is Jeff. As a simple car thief, try committing suicide in a cell that you have to yourself. You will be checked up to and including your ass for pills, blades, threads and whatnot.

Jeffrey Epstein could do this, in a cell, guarded by multiple cameras and several guards at his door. Just when all the cameras went off for a few minutes and the guards were happily finishing some cups of coffee together in the cafeteria, Jeff was able to take his own life. If you really don't have anything to hand, you can only do it by holding your breath for 10 minutes. I'd say give it a try. This is not a suicide call, because you can't do it!

Epstein was a time bomb for a lot of eminent debauched people, was stuck and so logically 'helped'. This can't be proven, but you don't have to be a seasoned conspiracy theorist to come to that conclusion.

But that also throws a special light on all pedophiles who are not incarcerated. If they themselves are significant and blackmailable and can blackmail other members of the really depraved elite, there will be no convictions. Joris Demmink is still walking around free, despite many witnesses and evidence provided. Someone who is innocently publicly accused many times of child abuse in all kinds of forms goes to court. Demmink has to sort them out, because as the highest official he was allowed to appoint very friendly judges years ago. Would the cesspool open wide in an honest, sincere constitutional state with very malodorous fumes that would also fan out over the offices of the editorial offices of the MSM? Unfortunately, there are still too many stakeholders who continue to sit on the manhole cover with fear and apprehension.

Talk about false accusations. Recently, our covid promoter Jaap van Dissel was associated with a major child sex scandal and diabolical child murders, committed by members of a satanic pedo network.
This came to the fore after flowers were laid on graves of young people in Bodegraven. A very malodorous affair, where a feeling of conflicting interest pedo networks just does not drift. Why doesn't Jimin go to court?

Bill Cosby is relatively lucky, still living as a free man without power and prestige. The Canadian monks may not be alive, but they have never been convicted.
The real shit, protected by all kinds of governments, roams freely, because they could pull other powerful unscrupulous pedo gangsters to the burning abyss. Do Joris and Jaap have dubious reasons not to allow a judge to rule? You would almost (conspiracy) think it!

Rients Hofstra

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