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Is Bill Gates evil and life threatening?

Is Bill Gates a life-threatening psychopath?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a cousin of assassinated President John F. Kennedy, writes that Bill Gates is a dictator with a global vaccination plan.

The strategic vaccination programs of Bill Gates generate money for its vaccine-related businesses, including Microsoft's ambition to become one create global ID system.

So that Gates gains total control over the health of the entire world population, a spearhead of business neo-libarism.

Bill Gates's obsession seems to be fueled by a Messiah complex. He thinks he is the chosen person to save the world with technology and to experiment as God Himself on 'untermenschen', said Kennedy.

With $ 1,2 billion, Gates promised Indian children to protect them from Polio.

Through India's National Advisary Board (NAB), Gates arranged a mandate for 50 polio vaccinations over five years for every child in India up to their fifth year of life.

As a result, between 2000 and 2017, 467.000 children were permanently paralyzed, according to Indian doctors.

The polio epidemic was triggered by the Bill Gates campaign, which is why the Indian government reversed the Bill Gates program and threw him and his comrades from the NAB (National Advisary Board).

Suddenly the number of polio cases dropped drastically.

In 2017, WHO reluctantly admitted that the global explosion was due to Bill Gates' vaccine regime.

This could be seen from the polio strand, which consisted mainly of vaccine strands from Gates's vaccinations.

The most frightening polio epidemics arose in Congo, the Philippines and Afghanistan, all of which are linked, via the polio strand, to Bill Gates' polio pricks.

In 2014 Gates wanted to conquer the cervical cancer market.

He forced his HPV vaccines on young girls worldwide. The Human papillomavirus vaccines were developed by GSK and Merck and as an experiment Gates injected 23.000 rural girls into India.

About 1200 young girls experienced very serious side effects, including autoimmune diseases and infertility. Seven girls died.

The GOI attributed this harrowing ethical violation to Bill Gates:

Forcing vulnerable village girls to cooperate as guinea pigs, putting pressure on parents, defrauding with paperwork and withholding medical aftercare for the injured girls. The case now serves in the Supreme Court of India.

Malaria was also used by Gates as a Trojan horse to push his vaccines. GSK's experimental malaria agent was injected into African babies in 2010.

151 babies died and of the 5049 children, 1048 infants suffered a stroke or febrile seizure and / or became paralyzed.

The MenAfriVac campaign took place in Africa's Sub-Saharan Africa in 2002. Gates gave African children a mandatory meningitis shot. About 500 children became paralyzed after the injection.

South African newspapers wrote that Africans are used as laboratory animals for medical experiments.

South African professor of economics Patrick Bond calls Bill Gates: "Ruthless and immoral."

In 2010, Bill Gates received $ 10 billion in WHO committees to live up to his promise to tackle overpopulation through new vaccines.

At TedTalks, Gates told his new vaccinations a month later 'population would thin out'.

In 2014, doctors from Kenya's Catholic Doctors Association sued WHO for involuntary chemical sterilization of women during a fake tetanus vaccination program that turned out to be fake.

Independent laboratories found the sterilizing agent in all vaccines.

After initially dismissing all accusations, WHO eventually came out with the statement that the World Health Organization has been developing a sterilization vaccine for more than a decade.

Women in Tanzania, Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines have also been treated with the sterilizing vaccine.

A 2017 study (Morgensen et.AL.2017) shows that the WHO's popular DTP shot kills more Africans than the disease it claims to fight. Vaccinated girls died more often than unvaccinated girls.

The WHO refused to call Gates back and Gates refused to withdraw the diphtheria-tetanus polio vaccinations, causing millions of unnecessary deaths in Africa every year.

Proven methods to tackle infectious diseases: clean water, hygiene, food and economic development is what the WHO was originally concerned with until around 2000-2001 Gates took the agenda hostage and misused funds to live out his personal fetishism: Good health is only possible through a SYRINGE.

Through misleading propaganda through his massive network and proprietary vaccines distributed by his own pharmaceutical companies, Gates dominates the WHO, UNICEF, GAVI and PATH as a "philanthropist".

Through fraudulent studies and himself as a supervisor, Bill Gates operates with psychological games to persuade vaccination doubters.

With his money and power, he silences dissidents and enforces cooperation.

In his non-stop Pharmedie performances, Gates appears delighted and full of triumphant gloating that the current Covid19 pandemic now offers him the opportunity to apply his Third World practices to, among others, American children, so Robert F. Kennedy jr.

Significantly startling and arguably scary is Gates' interview he gave at Ted Talk in which he joined 'accidentally' discussed.

A few important phrases were quickly removed by Ted Talk (!)

"So eventually there will be this digital immunity proof that will help faccilitate the global reopening up." (source)
"Ultimately, digital proof of immunity will become available to help facilitate the reopening of the world."

Rutte sends 325.000.000 euros to this hero on behalf of the Netherlands: GAVI is everything Gates sponsors.

But banks also seem very enthusiastic about the mandatory testing of people for the corona virus:

For example, James Bullard, president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank in Louisiana, would like to see all Americans tested daily and given a wristband as proof, such as at a pop concert or a stamp like after you vote in the election.

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