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Advertising signs Turkey: "Don't take Jews and Christians as friends"

Central Anatolian city of Konya, a large number of billboards and posters were placed calling for them not to enter into friendships with Jews or Chistians.

Konya is known as Turkey's most culturally-conservative city. In the elections last March, there was a large vote 70% at the Islamist Justice and Development Party (AKP).

The texts are from the Koran. Sura 5 verse 52 to be precise.
Literally translated:

“Don't take the Jews and Christians as friends! They are each other's friends. We of you joining them is one of them. God does not show the evil-doers the way! ”

Furthermore there is one Star of David with blood stains on the poster.

It is thought that the posters were posted by Islamic organizations. Below the beautiful quote from the Koran (the book of the religion of peace) were the logos of AGD and MGV to see.

These two organizations are linked to the Islamist Saadet Partisi (Felicity Party). A party that belongs to the Millî Görüş movement.

The foundation Milli Görüş is one of the largest Islamic associations in Europe, with departments in Germany and the Netherlands, among others. Milli Görüş has strong ties with Turkey, but is hardly active in the motherland.

The Dutch department of Milli Görüş has around 30.000 supporters, many of whom are of Turkish origin. The movement has around 50 affiliated organizations in the Netherlands.

The billboards were eventually removed and the municipal AKP Administration said they did not see any responsibility for the content on the posters.

Turkey consists of 98% Muslims. It is estimated that between 200.000 and 350.000 Christians and 12.000 Jews live there.

Posters like this one are very reminiscent of posters we've seen before in history. But we will not say that out loud. Because if you criticize Islam or Muslims in the West too much, you will be compared to facists who used to make such propaganda.

Better just let Europe flow uncontrollably. Then the Muslims will forgive us automatically because of our mercy and tolerance.

And you must admit that to Turkey. They serve globalists like Frans Timmermans at their beck and call. There are there 3.2 miljoen ready to come our way.












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