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Bizarre: Nazi VVD messages hardly received any attention on TV

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For a week, the Netherlands has been under the spell of Nazi text messages within the youth movement JFvD of FvD. Active Twitterers now show that a similar situation at the JOVD - the youth movement of the VVD - passed our noses last May.

JOVD appjes

Apps in the Lustrum Congress app group 

It is remarkable that the situation at FvD has been dominating talk shows and news bulletins all week, while it concerns behavior of members in app groups and not influential party figures. So since this week we know that the TV producers TVBV (Op1 NPO1), NOS and PilotStudio (Beau & Jinek RTL4) feast on Nazi apps in app groups within the youth movements of parties. Or is that only when it suits them.


The Op 1 broadcast of 13 May 2020 dealt with the following subjects:

  • Safe holidays with Corendon
  • Young people who get corona and become seriously ill from it and continue to do so
  • A love story about corona
  • Quarrel within 50-PLUS

No item about the Nazi and racist messages at the VVD.

NOS 20.00 pm news

The NOS has spent 20.00 seconds on the apps in the 13:2020 news of 20 May XNUMX. The NOS reported that the VVD denied that they had anything to do with it. In the news it seemed to be exclusively about a CDA councilor from Lopik. However, the screenshots show that both a 'Stijn' and a 'Hucheaux' sent Nazi apps, so it is not just one CDA council member in a JFvD app group.

The fact that this item only makes it to the short news block means that the NOS wants to bring the news as relatively unimportant. And that while a similar situation at JFvD caused party leader Baudet - who has not seen the apps - is linked to the apps all week.

 /Wilders in Nazi costume in JOVD app group - Short news NOS


Hitler in JOVD app group - News in brief NOS

Beautiful white

On May 13, 2020, the RTL talk show Beau was about the following topics:

  • 20 years after the fireworks disaster
  • The lawsuit against Taghi
  • 50 years of Frank and Ronald de Boer
  • Tom Waes About Reizen Waes stays at home

No item about the app group within the VVD.


We can therefore say that Nazi apps are very urgent for the TV viewer when it takes place within FvD but not when it takes place within the VVD. This just goes to show how selective the mainstream media is reporting. At the VVD scandals are at most the short news, while at FvD these are measured as if a national disaster has taken place.

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