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Bizarre response from RTL News on complaint about color obsession

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On Twitter we came across a striking Tweet with an e-mail exchange between Beppie and RTL as an attachment.

She filed a complaint with RTL News following a news article from Erik Mouthaan. Mouthaan uses the term by default white when he left White person people speak in all his articles and contributions. (source) (source) (source)

Beppie (switch name) was told by Mouthaan that it was RTL policy is.

And so Beppie filed the following complaint with RTL:


Beppie says that is the word in the Netherlands blank is still the usual term and is also described in the van Dale.

And that's right. Always been like that.

van Dale - Dictionary


The writer adds that she would like this to stop.

“I'm sick of the constant color obsession in the media and people being constantly made aware of their color in the most disgusting ways. Everyone is human and equal. Regardless of what color someone has. ”

RTL's answer

See here the bizarre answer from RTL:

"Although the word" white "has been used for years without the general public questioning it, somehow this change makes sense: the opposite of black is white, not white." RTL concluded.

RTL added:

“Just like society, the media also change and nowadays the voice of the white man or woman is no longer only heard (and fortunately!).”

RTL understood that a little getting used to that you use words without making other people feel offended, but times just change.

“In the past, no one ever mentioned the word negro kiss or moorhead.”

The email ended with: "I think it is great that we are now talking to each other and have more empathy for the other and therefore decide to use certain words less or no longer."

Ehm, .. RTL? Beyond the rest of the utterly insane answer ...

Who then feels offended by the word BLANK?!? The whites themselves? Or maybe you change you policy because it is the wish of a minority here in the Netherlands? Or perhaps the political color from RTL?

Tweet from Beppie:

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