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Black Archives whitefaced: Soot sweep is genocide

Today the building of Black Archives in Amsterdam is smeared and covered with stickers throughout proponents from Zwarte Piet.

The heads of Surinamese national heroes are all white painted and covered with stickers with the text:

Sootwipe Piet is genocide.

This, of course, happened because the folks at Black Archives play a dubious role in it forbid from our own black child hero, Zwarte Piet.

Chief whiner Mitchell Esajas happened to be in The Hague in the House of Representatives to moan about institutional racism.

Mitchell is not only closely associated with Black Archives, which was founded 3 years ago, but is purebred culture Marxist affiliated with several subsidy clubs including KOZP and Black lives matter.

Whoever bounces the ball can of course expect it back!

Where KOZP has been demonstrating for weeks in various cities throughout the country threaten shopkeepers, hold sit-ins and shop premises smear .

It was of course waiting when there was a reaction from the other corner!

Someone who delves into the subsidy clubs that agitate against our national hero, of course, knows that they are not interested in doing the so-called racist caricature. But to , en money see here the meeting of KOZP:

And as everyone knows Zwarte Piet is not racism, it is eleven culture and tradition that needs to be adapted for a handful of lazy and work-shy people who see so-called racism in everything. Everything not to have to work!

But the people continue to oppose this fascist marginal minority, we saw it in 2017 the battle of Dokkum, in 2018 in Rotterdam, in 2019 in Eindhoven and this year in Maastricht and in Venlo.

Zwarte Piet's friends have shown that they will not abandon their friend!

For those who want to learn more about why Zwarte Piet is not racism, I recommend that you purchase a dangerous book of your choice at because you will receive this booklet for free.

Not the sticker, I got it in Venlo from a friend of Zwarte Piet.

For the readers who follow me on facebook and wonder why it is so quiet: I have a ban. For the readers who are not yet following me on facebook give me a like!

Friends of Piet in Mestreech:

I wish everyone a happy parcel evening!

Greetings, Brother Bob


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